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I found this woman on youtube and want to share her video about homophobia with you. I thing the god hates fags written on the side of the house was from a Tennessee incident last year. I thought she did a good job with it. She has 45 videos on you tube…go check out her page:
Youtube stats:
Joined: July 16, 2006
Last Sign In: 11 hours ago
Videos Watched: 12,183
Subscribers: 71
Channel Views: 3,254

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Olympic Dressage ’08

It’s been really hard for me to follow the American Equestrian Team at the Olympics. Coverage is only on here starting at 1 a.m. If I could remember how to program my recorder that wouldn’t be a problem…I’m kinda geekie but jeeze…
check this out…it’s a compilation of clips from one of Team USA’s pre-olympic events. Oh an the soundtrack is really interesting choice too…

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