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2010 Womonwrites for Southeast Lesbian Writers

Dear Womonwriters,

Registration for spring 2010 Womonwrites is now open, and you can download the registration brochure, plus anthology information and “The Loop” (conference changes from this year’s Planners’ meeting) at http://womonwrites.wordpress.com. We expect to have the workshop information linked soon.

If you need these items mailed to you via the U.S. Post Office, please notify rose.norman@gmail.com . She’ll make sure your name gets on the snailmail list, which right now has only four names, although the Womonwrites master address list includes 122 women with no email addresses given.

Obviously, this online posting and email announcements saves Womonwrites a ton of money on copying and postage, so I hope you’ll use the online version if you can.

2010 Womonwrites Offsite Registrar

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