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Christian conservatives target 16 Democrats

Two years ago, when 10,000 christian conservatives held a silent march through a “gay section” of Nashville, I picked up my camera and took to the streets as well.

If they (Christian Conservatives) were fighting for things like religious liberty I would be right there fighting with them…instead they are being manipulated, (with wedge issues) for their vote, by huge corporations that stand to profit the most. Follow the money…Corporate pay watch

During the Bush presidency the Republicans held the House, the Senate, the Whitehouse and the Supreme Court was a conservative majority and yet abortion was not overturned. Think about that…”they” (Big Corporations) don’t want it overturned because it is one of the issues that will get you (my conservative neighbors, family & friends) fired up and out to the polls…and the streets…like last weekend in Washington DC over healthcare.

Republican rule results in very little corporate regulation which is what they want. They could care less about the issues as long as they can get you to do what they want by invoking them. If you want to know who “they” are go to www.theyrule.net

Think about this when you’re thinking about healthcare. Who stands to profit the most by keeping things the way they are. Tea Party protesters…can you hear me?

Here’s the story on the 16 Democrats that are now being targeted.

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