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It’s time to change discriminatory policy | www.tennessean.c

As Denver and the Democratic Convention draws near, platform issues are in everyone’s mind. The GOP like clockwork will drag out the anti-gay stuff to convince the religious base to go vote for the pasty old white guy. Rove taught them all well. In my little way I’d like to help bring forward voices of GLBT Americans who live day to day without the same rights as their/our straight neighbors. I’ve got an example here for you…this one personally touched me. I joined the Army in ’74 right out of high school. I got caught out of uniform in a lesbian bar near Ft. Jackson, S.C. It was way before the policy went into effect. Needless to say, my “military career” was cut kinda short. I’d like to see in my lifetime GLBT Americans’ service to our country honored. Wouldn’t that be something? Can you imagine people coming up to us and saying “thank YOU for your service to our country?” -Val

Here’s a Great editorial piece in the Tennessean on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

TEP president Chris Sanders

TEP president Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders is the writer and president of TEP (Tennessee Equality Project)

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McCain & The Issue of Gay Adoption

Here’s the statement released this week by HRC

And here’s a link to TEP’s new blog GRAND DIVISIONS and what they have to say about it.

What do I think about it? As a lesbian parent I look at our smiling, talented, beautiful, smart, funny, 21 year old daughter and say… Love is the answer.

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Gay Man denied Passport

In Massachusetts he is married and has changed his name. Now in order to travel he must change his name back.

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Tennessee Equality Project Needs You!

Legislative Update 03/09/2008
Dear valerie,

When was the last time you were dissed after sharing a positive experience when volunteering for a project or event? Examples of volunteerism may be handing out flyers for an upcoming TEP event, coming to Advancing Equality Day or doing make-up for a charitable fashion show.

How in the world can someone take your very positive experience and put a bad spin on it? Some say you are bragging for your good deeds or may be just taking credit yourself for a successful project. Do not be discouraged by the naysayers! Be challenged.

TEP would not exist without you, our members. We continue to thrive through your good works both in the LGBT community as well as the communities where you reside. I encourage you to continue to volunteer your time and let other people know you are a TEP member and invite them to join you—especially those who say you are doing something for “credit” or recognition. After joining in and actually participating in a project, event or a TEP Email Blast initiative, maybe they will feel compelled to share their positive experience as well, and ask others to be a part of something rewarding.

The bottom line TEP Member is this—be a champion for the Cause! It is ok to take credit, share your good works on behalf of TEP and other personal projects. The key reason for TEP’s growing membership is the support of people like you, opening these emails each week and forwarding them to friends and family. I give you credit for that!

Now I ask this: go to TEP’s website and sign up, or renew your membership today, then send this email on and ask a couple of your friends to do the same. And finally, please go out and take credit for being a key reason why TEP is the largest membership LGBT organization in Tennessee.

All my best and breathe easy, as there is no negative legislation up for debate at the Capitol this week.

Take care,

Jenny Ford
TEP Lobbyist

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

info@tnep.org tnep.org 615-664-6886

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Stop the Hate

Thank you Ellen for saying what needs to be said. Everyone please watch this and the forward it to everyone you know.

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ACLU hosting panel on adoption in Tennessee

As many of you know adoption by gays and lesbians in Tennessee is is once again an issue. My God! Oh I forgot…it’s an election year…how silly of me…it’s time to scare the right-wing christian fundamentalists to the polls. “Queers! Queers! They’re everywhere! Life is going to hell in a handbasket! My God they even want to provide a home for Children! We must stop them and then take down the names of every politician that doesn’t vote with us so we can use it against them in our campaign ads.”

Come on people time to get out and get active. Tuesday night be there or be square…

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Here’s the latest episode of AVALON FARMCAST…enjoy!
kimmie satin

Show Notes: On this show I sat down with Kimmie Satin before a Nashville Drag Show. A former Miss Tennessee and with 25 years on the Drag Show circuit, Kimmie shares tips, political thoughts and stories from the stage. We covered topics from family and community to Gay Pride and Stonewall.

Also, Tennessee Equality Project held a reception at The Tribe the night before Equality Day on the Hill. Emily and I attended both events and I spoke with several folks there.

Music on the show is a brand new song from Jill Sissell with The Paint Sisters!

Peace and Love,

Note: download the show in itunes, listen on the site http://www.avalonfarmcast.com or copy and paste the direct link below in your browser

mp3 file direct link:



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