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Inauguration Schedule

Found this schedule for watching the events in Washington unfold on the TV.


Also don’t forget today is also the season premier of the L-Word. Emily and I are into watching Survivor too and that starts up again on thursday.


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Freaks & Geeks in the City of Lost Wages

wed night 7:30p
While standing in line to board our flight a women who was headed home to Las Vegas told us that not only is CES happening this weekend, but the annual porno awards is too. She laughed and someone else said “yea, it’s freaks & geeks all over town.” Might be an interesting weekend…

I think I’d like to watch lesbian porno if it was produced by lesbians and not men displaying their version of what they think it is. L-Word is about as close as I get. Yeah! it’s starting again on January 18th on Showtime. Anyone going to an L-Word Party? There’s one in Nashville at the Tribe. They serve a great brunch and you get to sit around with a room full of dykes and watch the show. The comments are hilarious. If you miss too much of it because you’re laughing so much you can go home and watch it later in the evening when it comes on it’s regular time on TV. It’s also a fundraiser for HRC.

We’re flying right now at 40,000’ somewhere over Kansas. I think we get in around 9:30p which still leaves a little bit of time to go check out the slots in the MIrage. Cool hotel with real Lions in lobby. Maybe just tigers but big cats either way. We have a cat at home that thinks she’s a big cat. She tries to take us down almost daily. Thankyou Brenda & Deb for taking care of the beasts while we’re away.

Don’t forget to send me any requests to check out a booth for you. If you go to the CES booth there’s a vender list and a searchable data base by keyword. Email me if you can’t find it. There’s approximately 2700 booths so if you know what kind of gizmo you want to know more about or what company is bringing out a new thing that’s helpful.

Here’s some things that are a “buzz” at this year’s show…
Home theater & entertainment stuff.
See the economy really sucks. Have you noticed? Companies are beginning to figure out that most of us haven’t got a pot to piss in. Our 401ks have shrunk or disappeared, our houses (if we still have one) have depreciated, our jobs have flown to China and gas has cleaned our pockets of whatever was left. The war on the middle class is in full swing and buying fancy toys isn’t high on the list. So, flash is out and practical functionality is in. Get it? Anything we can buy to help us stay home and entertain ourselves is also in. Are ya diggin’ that “trickle down economics” now?

Another hot item this year is the smart phone. I hear palm is making a comeback at CES. Remember how you loved that old palm pilot? They kind of lost out to Apple’s Iphone for awhile and the blackberry. I’ll be sure and go try one Mary and tell you about here. (see previous post’s comments) Verizon has a big presence at the show this year too.

So, that’s it for now…from my southwest seat in the sky.

Peace & Love,

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New L-Word Spin Off?

Well ladies it’s time for the REALLY important news…check this out…Alice might be getting her own show after our favorite lesbian soap comes to an end. Yes, tis very sad…only one more season to be glued to our TV’s watching Bette & Tina & Kit & Alice & Shane and all those fine women of the L-Word. But look there might be hope yet…seems the creator and executive producer of Showtime’s “The L Word” has signed to write and produce a pilot for a spin-off series. Leisha Hailey, who plays Alice in the series, is set to star in the spin-off. The sixth and final season of the L Word is slated to run in January. Read more here.

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My letter to freepress.org

Next year’s media reform conference is in Minneapolis June 6-8th I was at last year’s in Memphis and covered a lot of it on my podcast. There was a film about gays in the media in one afternoon session and a lot of discussion about the lack of diversity at the conference in a women in media session. Freepress.org hosts the conference and is currently looking for suggestions for speakers, panalists & presenters for 2008. Here’s a copy of my suggestion that I just sent them…val

Eileen Chaiken is the Creater of Showtime’s hit series The L-Word.

Last year’s conference brought to light the fact that there was little coverage of LGBT’S & media. Eileen’s story of how she was able to bring a hit show like L-Word about Lesbians to Showtime is a great one. How can we have more shows that reflect our lives? What battles did she fight to make it a success? What can we learn from her experiences?

In the Lesbian world this is the hottest show on Television. We have parties around the country to celebrate the season premier…EVERY SEASON! We go on cruises to meet the cast. It’s a part of our “pop culture” both in the Gay world and the younger college age crowd.

GLBT’s represent to potential advertisers 8 Billion dollars a year! (HRC stats) We spend money on travel, big ticket items, homes and more. Many of us do not have kids meaning we have more “disposable income” than others. If not for the religious right, advertisers would be clambering to reach us.

Diversity in Media begins with opening doors to everyone. How about showing how it’s done by opening a few more doors at next year’s conference?

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