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Mothers rule: Share your toys and Don’t take from others

You know we’re not hearing much in the U.S. press about this incident in the rain forest. Indigenous people in the Amazon have been protesting: “Thousands of indigenous people have been blocking roads, rivers and fuel pipelines since April to force the government to repeal the laws which they say were introduced without consultation and would open their lands to foreign exploitation.” -BBC

After reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein I am much more aware of stories like this one. When I hear about unrest around the world, my first reaction now is…”hmmmm…..wonder what natural resources they have…” Before we ever went in to Iraq Cheney held secret energy meetings with the heads of oil & gas companies (including Ken Lay of Enron) and mapped out oil resources in Iraq. The original name for the invasion was Operation Iraqi Liberation…O-I-L…..

Our world would be so much more peaceful if no country was allowed to take natural resources from another country. If women ruled instead of the patriarchy there would be such a law.


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Tomorrow can’t come soon enough

Waiting for the Bush regime to go is like watching paint dry. I worry with so much attention focused on the election happenings we will be distracted enough that Bush and/or Cheney can pull off some more crap that the next president will be saddled with the undoing. Iran? Permanent bases in Iraq? Right wing appointments? More economic disaster strategies and shocks?

We must hold them accountable but it may be after they leave office. Meanwhile we must also remember to keep our eyes and ears on them throughout this next year. There is still much damage they can do and they still hold the power to do it. As the mainstream media saturates the airwaves in the coming months with nonstop “horse race” coverage (instead of real discussion of the candidates issues and plans) don’t forget to look to other news sources for what else is happening in the world. There are many many great blogs out there. Go check them out. Do a search for “blogs & progressive” for a starting place if you don’t know where to begin.

An informed public will ensure we are doing all we can to protect this democracy. Voting is great but it’s not enough. If we come out in huge numbers in the fall the election can’t be stolen. From the numbers I’m seeing in the primaries democrats are voting in huge numbers over republicans. I MEAN HUGE! Aint it great? -Peace and Love, Val

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