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breaking news: Randi Rhondes

Randi Rhodes Returns To Talk Radio On Network Home Of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck

Blogged by Brad Friedman on 4/23/2009 4:10PM
BREAKING: Randi Rhodes to Return to Talk Radio
San Francisco’s Green960 announces ‘Goddess of Progressive Talk’ to be syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, home to Limbaugh, Hannity and other rightwing talkers
Updated: Premiere announces return date of May 11, show to broadcast live from D.C….
[Updated with Premiere’s official announcement at end of article.]

Following a nearly two-month absence from the airwaves, Progressive radio talker Randi Rhodes is set to return, according to an announcement this afternoon from John Scott of San Francisco’s Green960 (KKGN).


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Balloons, Horses & Vice Presidential Picks

Saturday in Colorado…
We took a drive before sunrise this morning to Chatfield State Park to watch balloons lift off at dawn.

It was the 2008 Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival.

My sister & her husband and Emily & I were elbowing up to the coffee cups at 4:00am. this morning.

When I woke up, I had a text message on my cell phone from who else but the Obama team…seems he’s picked his V.P. I like ya Joe. You’re the real deal. Now go out there and say everything Obama can’t say about that pasty old white guy please. You know the one…the guy with so many houses he forgets how many he has…that one…Go get him Joe! Show your stuff.

Now, for Hillary…Please offer her a position where she can do the most good. How about Healthcare? She has a few really good ideas on that I think. Or how about Supreme Court Justice? She’s an attorney…anyway, pick something really good for her would you please?

Anyway, I have a video camera that shoots in HD but I have always shot in standard. It’s a sony fx1 for any geeks out there that know your cameras. This morning’s colorful airborne (for the most part) spectacle was the perfect opportunity to try out the high resolution setting. I’ll put some footage up on youtube when we get back to the house. Maybe it will look clearer than my other videos up there.

After watching the balloons lift off and then having a really tasty breakfast at a place called the Egg & I, we went back to Chatfield State Park to join the Denver Carriage Club for a little buggy riding.

My sister is into ponies and came in second last year at the Shetland Pony Congress.

My sister Diane & Emily

My sister Diane & Emily

It was actually my first time riding shotgun in a 4 wheeler cart but it was great. The driver was an old pro and the horse was a beautiful mare hackney/clydesdale cross named after Princess Margaret.

So now as I write this we’re heading back to my sister’s to rest up, get cleaned up and go out on the town tonight. The GLBT Unity Dance and cocktail party is tonight at Tracks in Denver. Look for my podcast from there tomorrow. Here’s more about that…

The Denver GLBT community will be hosting a massive welcome party for the 2008 Democratic Convention on Saturday, Aug. 23 at Tracks/EXDO Events Center. Unity Dance 08 will connect the men’s and women’s community along with local and national GLBT organizations for a single, unprecedented DNC host city party.

Babes Around Denver (BAD) and Tracks/EXDO have collaborated with the Human Rights Campaign, Stonewall Democrats, NGLTF, The Center, Outfront Magazine, Boulder Pride, ATL Foundation, Hip Chicks Out, Cafe Vivid, Colorado AIDS Project, Project Angel Heart, Matthew Shepherd Foundation and others to bring you this event.

Unity Dance 08 will be a party—not a political event—so, no speeches or partisanship, just fun! Doors will open early and close late with music and entertainment by legendary DJ’s Manny Lehman and Lydia Prim along with resident First Friday DJ Trina J.

All GLBT and straight allies are welcome – and don’t miss the VIP (open to all) opening welcome reception from 7pm-9pm, with a great buffet for only $10 more!

Visit http://www.babesaroundenver.com or contact dedefrain@babesaroundenver.com for specific cover ($10 – $25) and more information.

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