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CES: Day 2 Photos from the floor


NBC was broadcasting from the floor of CES and we watched for a few minutes. The producer (or whoever she was) was busy behind the glass in the mobile control room.

This TV display from Sony was for a brand new technology call OLED. The cost is still high $2500 at least for 11″ but it’s just now evolving. The O stands for organic. It’s a carbon based product and when power is added to it it emits light. No more backlight required. BLACKS ARE BLACK so contrast/resolution is stunning. What was on display was all prototypes but between the look of it and the energy efficiency it’s exciting new technology I think.


Cannon was showing off the new consumer HD cameras with an elaborate showcase complete with dancers and MC. These kids were called the fanny packers and they were great. The cameras were too. True HD, small, no more tapes, image stabilizing, flash cards that go right into the laptop to make your movie masterpiece….

Lots of other bloggers, podcasters & media everywhere interviewing. We were in the North Hall most of the day and the crowds are much bigger than yesterday. One other cool TV related thing I saw were fancy frames around TVs from Hitachi. I think they called them Chameleon skins and they were in all colors and different textures. My must have TV is 1/3″ thick and 60″ HD plasma…it’s not out yet but I’m waiting…someday. I saw a prototype in the Panasonic booth and also I think a home 3D system to go with it would be fine too…

Now if I could just hit that Jackpot in the Casino…

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