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Adorable Puppies looking for that perfect home

Here’s the description of these cute little guys…They are both males and 7 wks old (per my vet) and look to be pure Pyrenees (they can have markings when young that fade) or a Pyrenees cross. They have had their 1st puppy shot on March 8, wormed withStrongid on March 11, had a Sentinel tablet (for worms and fleas) and have Frontline Plus on them.. I am just a “flea freak” and hate fleas—-the pups did not have fleas—we don’t want fleas!! They are SMART!!! Come when called, “get back” when told to and now, I go to the horse trailer and they get up in it by themselves. I put them in the 4 horse trailer when I go to work so they will be safe. I just love them. I do not need them but would love to keep them. But if I can get a good stable home for them, I will let them go. You can comment here or drop an email to avalonfarms@hughes.net and I’ll pass it along to the owner. She’s love to find a forever home for them…is that you?


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Snow here in Tennessee

Seems winter is not over here in the music city and surrounding counties. My black lab elvis isn’t so black right now…


elvis closeup

Here’s a shot of it coming down this morning out the kitchen window.

I’m waiting for it to slow down so i can go get a load of hay. Don’t know if I’ll make it out today or not. Still coming down pretty good. This all may not seem like news to you up north (ya yankees you) aahya…aahya…you know who you are…
This is the first real snow this year for us. Kids get out of school and there’s over 100 wrecks in nashville area. We just don’t deal with this shit very well down here. Kind of funny…I grew up in New England. The grass isn’t even covered but we’re “snowed under” down here in the south.

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