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Walking with the Butterflies

Taking an hour out of the day to walk with butterflies at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is just what is needed after the cold January we have had in Tennessee.

As it turned out there was a severe rain storm while we were there so what better place to get in out of the weather? I brought the camera and Emily and I took turns with it as we walked past beautiful plants, birds and yes butterflies.

They were flying free all around us as we walked and it’s supposed to be good luck if they land on you. I may not be very lucky but I got close enough to them to get some good pictures.

There was a koi pond with these bird sculptures in it and lots of fish swimming in it.

The building is climate controlled and even has roof shades that can be used in the summer to protect from the hot tropical sun. They were not needed this time as it barely made it to the 70’s. The week before was so cold in Key West that it almost broke the all time record getting down to the 40’s. People there don’t have heat in their homes so it’s really cold to them. We saw a lot of dead fish and some iguanas while we were there that couldn’t take the extreme drop in temperatures. For a brief time with the butterflies though it felt like summer.

We saw several species of small birds that also were flying free around us. I stopped to take a picture of this guy having his lunch.

It seemed everyone was eating and I was getting hungry too. Good thing the seafood festival was going on too. More on that later…A little oasis and a fun gift shop with EVERYTHING you could ever want with a butterfly on it…I say don’t miss the Butterfly Conservatory next time you’re in Key West. It’s really close to Pearl’s if you’re staying there Ladies…


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