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When Women Rule

Check this op-ed in the New York Times about why it is so hard for women to overcome the prejudice against them to lead. As you will see in this article it isn’t all coming from men. Read about the women in the village in India and how they didn’t come around until the next generation of female leaders. Hillary has an uphill battle and this is a big part of the reason. We live in a patriarchy and the foundations holding that system up are men AND women. I’m not advocating the opposite here…matriarchy…although I have to admitted I have entertained the fantasy. What I am advocating for is a system of equal justice for all of us. That to me is the only form of true Democracy and I believe we have never had that yet in the United States. I’m hoping to see it in my lifetime but sometimes it seems like we have so far to go…

New York Times Op-Ed Columnist
When Women Rule

Published: February 10, 2008
While no woman has been president of the United States — yet — the world does have several thousand years’ worth of experience with female leaders. And I have to acknowledge it: Their historical record puts men’s to shame.
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