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Special Notice from Olivia Cruises about helping Haiti

Dear Valerie,

The terrible disaster that hit Haiti this week has touched all of us. We, as individuals, always come forward at these times to make contributions and offer support. Now we can speak as one voice, joining together to help the people of Haiti.

Olivia is collaborating with the Red Cross in an historic effort to bring the LGBT community’s contributions to Haiti. Because we are now able to donate directly to the Red Cross as a group, our community’s efforts can be identified as such. By giving generously, and in a timely manner, we will be making a statement to the world that will have a profoundly positive impact.

The Red Cross is instrumental in the early response efforts critical to the survival of so many. Please click here and donate what you can to aid the people of Haiti. We know many of you have already contributed, but please consider an additional donation, in any amount, to this fund. Even ten dollars will make a big difference; Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and much of its capital city, Port-au-Prince, has been utterly destroyed by this disaster.

Olivia pledges to match the first $7,500 raised through this email. As an added incentive, the first five individuals who donate $7,500 or more will receive an Olivia trip for two. Those five people will each receive a balcony stateroom (category BA) for two on our Caribbean Sun Cruise (October 30-November 6, 2010). Because the staterooms will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, you must contact me directly before you contribute, so that I can confirm that the allotment has not been filled. Please also note that in order to be eligible, you must contribute the funds directly through this link.

Thank you in advance for participating in this effort to help the people of Haiti. We strongly urge you to forward this letter to your friends, so they may also donate to the LGBT Americans for Earthquake Relief in Haiti fund.

Even if you can’t donate today, will you help us get the word out widely about this new initiative by sending this note to your friends and asking them to pass it on to their friends? It is our intention to generate a groundswell of support for Haiti within the LGBT community.

If you’d like to read more about this historic partnership between Olivia and the Red Cross, click here.

We know that our community is always the first to give when there is a major disaster. Now we can make the statement together.

Much love and thanks,

Judy Dlugacz
for the entire Olivia staff

http://www.olivia.com 434 brannan st., san francisco ca 94107 (800) 631-6277

© Copyright 2010. The Olivia Companies, LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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Sharing lives together


This photo was taken of Emily & I on an Olivia Cruise to Guatemala & Belize a few years ago.

I spend a lot of time on this site, facebook & twitter not only catching up with friends and family but protesting things I see happening in the world as unjust, unfair or unhealthy. It’s a release sometimes, a place to unleash creative expressions and sometimes just a place to unload frustrations.

My online community is important to me and has enriched my life via emails, comments to blog posts etc. This year I have reconnected with a lot of family members and friends with facebook. I used to hear what some of them were doing via my Mom who is a letter writer and who kept up with everyone. Now I just open facebook and see if they posted anything today. The last conversation with Mom, I told her what a few of them were up to.

I’m doing a lot of gardening now as it is the planting season. I like gardening because in addition to the physical exercise it doesn’t require a lot of thinking to do. I can think about a lot of other stuff while I’m doing it. I’m thinking how fortunate I am to have so many great people in my life. Other than a few aches & pains and some magnificent hot flashes, I have good health. My partner is not only someone that I love, she’s someone that I truly like & admire. She’s my best friend. Our kid is grown and turning into a really cool young woman.

I don’t know if we can fix things in the world with this internet thing but you know what? A glimpse into all of your day to day lives…a hint of connection between all of us in this way…it’s bringing people together…it’s bringing us together. Peace to you and yours. Now go post something so I can read what’s on your mind.

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Sinister Wisdom #75 Lesbian Theories / Lesbian Controversies

Guest editor: Julie Enszer

Contents include:

* Updated article about Parthenogenesis by Chris Sitka

* The Importance of Being Lesbians by Alix Dobkin

* Interview with Catherine Crouch by Robin Epstein

* Do Lesbians Have Human Rights? by Susan Hawthorne

* A play by Carolyn Gage

* Lesbian Poet Laureates by Julie Enszer

and much more

$6.00 each + $2.00 postage. Make check payable to Sinister Wisdom and mail to:
Fran Day
P. O. Box 1180
Sebastopol, CA 95473 – 1180

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Happy Holidays

A special wish for you and yours for happiness, peace & good health now & in the coming year.
Peace & Love,
Val & Emily & Jennifer
(And all who live at Avalon Farms)

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Thank you

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Obama Campaign either via the website or at last night’s fundraising farm party. It was great to see everyone and meet some new women that came. Our fundraising efforts are over $900 so far between the webpage and last night’s gathering!

Vote early as you will save a lot of headaches. Lines on November 4th are going to be really long. Also, there have been reports of voters being “purged” from the rolls. If you vote early you may have time to do something about it if it happens. DO NOT ACCEPT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. That’s what they offer you on voter day if your name isn’t on the list. In 2004 the provisional ballots were not counted. Check out Greg Palast’s & Robert Kennedy Jr’s take on the issue.

Oh, one more thing…take someone else with you to vote. Nobody can stay home because they are too tired or don’t have a ride or have too much else to do. Make sure the people around you have a way to get to the polls.

Let’s show them what shock and awe looks like in the voting booth.

peace & love,

p.s. i’m putting together a local email list for lesbian events at the farm. if you’re not getting emails about events like this one send me your email address to: avalonfarms@hughes.net
subject line: sign me up!

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Suzanne Westenhoefer at Zanies!

You know we could all use a good laugh about now…here’s your chance…Next thursday Sept 25th at 7:30p Suzanne will be in Nashville at Zanies Comedy Club
Click here to get your tickets

Fearless. Bold. Sparkly. Hilarious. That’s Suzanne Westenhoefer in a nutshell. She’s
made a career out of telling the truth. And, the truth is, life is funny (and no one is
off limits). From her sister’s obsession with “Passion of the Christ” to her girlfriend’s
Herculean thighs, Suzanne tells stories that leave audiences in stitches.

Suzanne works mostly unscripted, so when she hits the stage it’s an unpredictable,
original night of comedy magic. Since winning her first comedy competition on a dare
in the early 1990s, Suzanne’s career has taken off.

Suzanne stars nightly on the GSN’s remake of the classic game show, “I’ve Got a
Secret,” entertaining audiences as the “token girl” on a hilarious all-gay panel with
ex-Major League Baseball player Billy Bean, radio icon Frank DeCaro and Broadway’s
Jermaine Taylor.

Notable television appearances include “The Late Show with David Letterman,”
“Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” “Evening at the Improv,” “Caroline’s Comedy
Hour,” “Arli$$” and more. Her live comedy special “A Night at the Village” runs on
LOGO and Bravo. She frequently appears as a commentator on E!, VH1 and Country
Music Television. Her life in comedy was chronicled in the documentary “Laughing
Matters” (2004).

The first openly gay comedian in New York, Suzanne did gay material to straight
audiences in mainstream comedy clubs. She was the first lesbian comedian to garner
an HBO Comedy Special, which earned her a Cable Ace Award nomination.

On land or at sea, Suzanne delights audiences with over 100 performances a year at
theatres, clubs, colleges, fundraisers and cruise and resort vacations (Olivia and
RSVP Vacations). Touring with the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco made Suzanne wish
she’d been born a rockstar.

“HBO Comedy with Suzanne Westenhoefer” (1994) : Nominated for a Cable Ace
“Nothing in my Closet but my Clothes” (1999): Gay and Lesbian American Music
Award (GLAMA) winner for best comedy CD
“I’m Not Cindy Brady” (2000): GLAMA winner for best comedy CD
“Guaranteed Fresh” (2003) : GLAMA winner for best comedy CD
“Live at the Village” (2006)

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New L-Word Spin Off?

Well ladies it’s time for the REALLY important news…check this out…Alice might be getting her own show after our favorite lesbian soap comes to an end. Yes, tis very sad…only one more season to be glued to our TV’s watching Bette & Tina & Kit & Alice & Shane and all those fine women of the L-Word. But look there might be hope yet…seems the creator and executive producer of Showtime’s “The L Word” has signed to write and produce a pilot for a spin-off series. Leisha Hailey, who plays Alice in the series, is set to star in the spin-off. The sixth and final season of the L Word is slated to run in January. Read more here.

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SHOWTIME Renews The L Word for 6th & Final Farewell Season

What will we do with our Sunday nights? All you writers out there in Hollywoodland better get crackin’ and write something new for the lesbians please….
One more season ladies…brace yourselves…

Here’s the press release

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LGBT’s endorsing Hillary

I found this list published in the Advocate in June. It’s the Hillary LGBT steering commitee…

As president, the statement says, Clinton would work with the community to make sure that all Americans in committed relationships have equal economic benefits and rights (so far, she backs civil unions); work to end discrimination in adoption laws; put an end to what she has called “the failed policy” of “don’t ask, don’t tell”; and sign into law expanded federal hate-crimes legislation and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) if they are approved by Congress. (Kerry Eleveld, The Advocate)

LGBT Americans for Hillary steering committee members:

· Eldie Acheson, former U.S. assistant attorney general; founding director, public policy and government affairs, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

· Roberta Achtenberg, former assistant secretary, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

· Toni Atkins, San Diego City Council member

· Dr. Christopher Barley, activist, philanthropist

· Greg Berlanti, creator/producer, TV series, Brothers and Sisters

· Elizabeth Birch, former executive director, Human Rights Campaign

· Mary Breslauer, former cochair, Kerry-Edwards 2004 LGBT steering committee; communications consultant

· Tonio Burgos, member, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus

· Ilene Chaiken, creator/producer, Showtime series The L Word

· Rocco Claps, former LGBT outreach director, Democratic National Committee; Illinois LGBT activist

· Bruce Cohen, Oscar-winning film producer

· Roberta Conroy, member, National Leadership Council, Lambda Legal

· Joan Darrah, retired U.S. Navy captain

· Q. Todd Dickinson, former under secretary of commerce for intellectual

property and director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

· Thomas Duane, New York State senator

· Ingrid Duran, board member, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

· Steve Elmendorf, deputy campaign manager, Kerry-Edwards 2004

· Shelley Freeman, business leader, Los Angeles Police commissioner

· Ethan Geto, longtime gay-rights advocate

· John Gile, executive director, Project Angel Food

· Emily Giske, member, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus

· Deborah Glick, New York assembly member

· Steven Goldstein, chair, Garden State Equality

· Chad Griffin, CEO, Chad Griffin Consulting Inc.

· Rebecca Haag, executive director, AIDS Action Council; executive director, AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts

· Yashar Hedayat, businessman

· Lisa Henderson, general manager, Olivia Cruises

· Stephen Herbits, businessman

· Fred Hochberg, former deputy then acting administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration; dean of the Milano School for Management and Urban Policy, the New School

· John Isa, board of directors and business council member, Human Rights Campaign

· Gloria Johnson, board member, National Stonewall Democrats

· Christine Kehoe, California State senator

· Keith Kerr, retired colonel, U.S. Army; retired brigadier general, California National Reserve

· Kasey Kincaid, attorney, Iowa grassroots activist

· Billie Jean King, sports legend and social pioneer

· Sheila James Kuehl, California State senator

· Mark Kvare, board member, National Stonewall Democrats

· Neel Lattimore, special advisor for strategic communications, Children’s Defense Fund; former press secretary for the first lady

· Bruce Lehman, former U.S. assistant secretary of Commerce and commissioner of Patents and Trademarks

· Sue Lovell, Houston City Council member

· Claire Lucas, chair, Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership Council; board member, National Stonewall Democrats

· Linda Gray Murphy, board member, National Stonewall Democrats

· Daniel O’Donnell, New York assembly member

· Dixon Osburn, LGBT activist on “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy

· Annise Parker, Houston city controller

· Catherine Pino, board member, National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

· Julian Potter, former special assistant to the president as liaison to the gay and lesbian community

· Christine Quinn, speaker, New York City Council

· Hilary Rosen, president, OurChart.com; media industry consultant

· Peter Rosenstein, D.C.-based LGBT community activist

· Mirian Saez, member, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus

· Greg Sargent, attorney, New Hampshire LGBT activist

· Jayne Baron Sherman, cochair, In the Life Media; former board chair, Lambda Legal

· Melissa Sklarz, director, New York Trans Rights Organization; vice chair, National Stonewall Democrats

· Paul M. Smith, board member, Lambda Legal; attorney who successfully argued the landmark Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas, establishing the right to privacy for gay Americans

· Jeff Soref, former chair of the Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus; former cochair, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

· Laura Spanjian, board member, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund; board member, Equality California

· Campbell Spencer, former national LGBT outreach director for the Democratic National Committee and Gore-Lieberman 2000

· Rick Stafford, chair, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus; cochair, National Stonewall Democrats

· Jill Stauffer, board of directors, Human Rights Campaign

· Sally Susman, business leader

· Rev. Deborah Tammearu, Episcopal priest, Diocese of New York

· Matthew Titone, New York State assembly member

· Jeffrey Tooke, board member, National Stonewall Democrats

· Olive F. Watson, activist and philanthropist

· Paula Redd Zeman, vice chair, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; vice chair, Black Democrats of Westchester

· Bob Zuckerman, board member, National Stonewall Democrats

· Jose Zuniga, retired U.S. Army sergeant and former Soldier of the Year; executive director, International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care


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My letter to freepress.org

Next year’s media reform conference is in Minneapolis June 6-8th I was at last year’s in Memphis and covered a lot of it on my podcast. There was a film about gays in the media in one afternoon session and a lot of discussion about the lack of diversity at the conference in a women in media session. Freepress.org hosts the conference and is currently looking for suggestions for speakers, panalists & presenters for 2008. Here’s a copy of my suggestion that I just sent them…val

Eileen Chaiken is the Creater of Showtime’s hit series The L-Word.

Last year’s conference brought to light the fact that there was little coverage of LGBT’S & media. Eileen’s story of how she was able to bring a hit show like L-Word about Lesbians to Showtime is a great one. How can we have more shows that reflect our lives? What battles did she fight to make it a success? What can we learn from her experiences?

In the Lesbian world this is the hottest show on Television. We have parties around the country to celebrate the season premier…EVERY SEASON! We go on cruises to meet the cast. It’s a part of our “pop culture” both in the Gay world and the younger college age crowd.

GLBT’s represent to potential advertisers 8 Billion dollars a year! (HRC stats) We spend money on travel, big ticket items, homes and more. Many of us do not have kids meaning we have more “disposable income” than others. If not for the religious right, advertisers would be clambering to reach us.

Diversity in Media begins with opening doors to everyone. How about showing how it’s done by opening a few more doors at next year’s conference?

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