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Mothers rule: Share your toys and Don’t take from others

You know we’re not hearing much in the U.S. press about this incident in the rain forest. Indigenous people in the Amazon have been protesting: “Thousands of indigenous people have been blocking roads, rivers and fuel pipelines since April to force the government to repeal the laws which they say were introduced without consultation and would open their lands to foreign exploitation.” -BBC

After reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein I am much more aware of stories like this one. When I hear about unrest around the world, my first reaction now is…”hmmmm…..wonder what natural resources they have…” Before we ever went in to Iraq Cheney held secret energy meetings with the heads of oil & gas companies (including Ken Lay of Enron) and mapped out oil resources in Iraq. The original name for the invasion was Operation Iraqi Liberation…O-I-L…..

Our world would be so much more peaceful if no country was allowed to take natural resources from another country. If women ruled instead of the patriarchy there would be such a law.


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Gas lines in Middle Tennessee

A sight I remember in the 70’s when I fist started driving came back today and people waited to fill up their tanks all around Nashville. Deb and I drove to the co-op today to buy horse feed. On our journey we discovered that EVERY gas station in town was out of gas except one. The line of cars there stretched 25-30 cars at least.

We called our sweeties and gave them the “red alert!” I talked to Emily who found some regular gas at Costcos in town. She said the line was about 50 cars. Cosco people were passing out bottled water to drivers in line and making sure everyone had a costco membership card.

Deb talked to Brenda who said “old hickory doesn’t have a line I’ll go there…oh they have no gas.” She found some awhile later and both came home with 5 gallon cans too. My toyota is completely out in the driveway so I was glad she brought a little home.

According to local tv news the colonial pipeline that services Nashville (and new orleans, atlanta, memphis, chattanooga, & Knoxville) is from Houston and so we could be looking at shortages for a while. Where is our plug in solar car? Maybe I should train the horses to pull a cart.

UPDATE: We woke up to read on CNN’s website that it’s our fault…we panicked.As Emily so eloquently put it…BULLSHIT. Last night we read it was because 75% of capacity of the pipeline was gone from the Hurricane. Here’s what I KNOW. None of us had a clue about the problem until we drove by the gas stations. We are being manipulated again and the press is stepping right up to spin the “truth.” I predict Nashville isn’t the only city this is going to happen to.


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Ann Richard’s message true today

I always loved listening to Texas Governor Ann Richards. She spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention and her words are just as relevant in this election and a good reminder to all of us today. My thoughts today are with Texas, my old stomping ground, and those folks along the gulf who will not be sleeping tonight when the hurricane roars ashore.

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women gathering on the internet against palin

This an example of the strength of the internet in this year’s election. YES WE CAN! Each and every person can do SOMETHING to combat the lies in mainstream media. Hey women check out this site…here’s just a few facts I found on it…

From www.womenagainstpalin.com

Their Agenda Against Women
• McCain voted against The Equal Pay Bill for 
Women. He said women ‘need education and 
training’ instead.

• Palin wants to outlaw abortion in every form, 
including for victims of rape or incest.

• McCain voted against the family and medical 
leave act, making it harder for women and men 
to take time from work to care for loved ones.

• Palin cut special needs funding in Alaska by 
62% yet claims to be a special needs advocate.

• Palin wants to teach creationism in the schools, 
making it harder for our teachers to compete 
with up-and-coming nations in science education.

• McCain opposed spending to prevent 
unintended and teen pregnancies.

• Palin does not believe that humans contribute to 
global warming and she wants to take the polar 
bear off of the endangered species list so she 
can drill for oil in Alaska.

• McCain opposed legislation requiring that 
abstinence-only programs be medically accurate 
and scientifically based.

• McCain’s health care plan will require that 
benefits be taxed, the first time this would ever 
happen in America’s history. This will make it 
next to impossible to pay high medical bills with 
insurance benefits.



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Al Gore blasts offshore drilling

From Netroots nation in Austin Texas

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