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Tax Day

As you drop that envelope in the mailbox to uncle sam here’s something to ponder….
You know all those corporations that move out of the U.S. so they don’t have to pay taxes? Halliburton moved to Dubai, there’s plenty in Grand Cayman and the Bahamas. Well, “we” the tax payers have to pay out the nose but they don’t. Tennessee is really hurting these days with “budget shortfalls” and the Governor has ordered cutbacks, hiring freezes, layoffs etc. It’s rough out there and part is because of the state of the economy in general and part is because these corporations are NOT paying their fare share. They use our “commons” (legal system, roads, police, fire, etc) to make huge profits and pay nothing in taxes. Here’s what it’s costing us right here in Tennessee every year….

Just think what the state could do if we had that in the state budget to use. (teachers, parks, environmental cleanup, clean energy programs & incentives, public transportation etc)

It’s messed up and it’s not fair. All corporations need to pay for the use of the commons. They shouldn’t be allowed to avoid taxes simply by closing up their offices here and opening a p.o. box in my favorite vacation spot offshore. (not dubai…the islands) Check out this article in today’s huffington post. the GOP wants to protest taxes for the ultra rich with tea parties today. Obama reduced taxes for 95% of us. They are nothing but shills for the big companies that are robbing us blind and taking all that bounty offshore.

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