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Nashville Rally photos

There was a good size crowd assembled when Emily and I arrived downtown yesterday for the gay marriage rally. Guessing I’d say maybe 200+ people…I think there were quite a few straight allies too who came out to show their support for equality and outrage at the recent anti-gay legislation passed. After several speakers on bullhorns had their say the people stepped off the curb and hiked down toward lower broad street. The pictures here are as they walked back up the hill to the courthouse.

nashville rally1

I have some video that will be coming soon. It’s done but uploading can be a pain with satellite. I went to bed last night sending it to youtube but it quit after 37%. I’ll try again this morning…

nashville rally2


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Music City welcomed K.D. Lang tonight

I met a woman standing outside by the bus after K.D.’s show. She said she’s a student (law school) but her biggest passion is K.D. Lang. She drove down from Chicago to see her tonight in Nashville. Said she’s been to several of her shows. Click the audio link below to hear my discuscion with her.

The lesbians were stylin’ tonight. Lot’s of them and looking good and having a great time. Saw several we know. (Hi everybody!)

K.D was her magnificiant self and covered many of her standards along with some newer material. Her opening act was an awesome piano soloist from L.A. named Dustin O’Hallaran. She came out for 2 oncores and played 4 or 5 songs after what we thought was the end of the show. It was great to see her again and if she comes near where you live don’t miss a chance to see her live.

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K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah from Juno Awards in Winnipeg 2005
This was one of the numbers she performed tonight at the Ryman in Nashville. Her Owen Bradley stuff is my all time favorite but this one is right up there too.

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Audio: some thoughts driving home from watching debate

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Gas lines in Middle Tennessee

A sight I remember in the 70’s when I fist started driving came back today and people waited to fill up their tanks all around Nashville. Deb and I drove to the co-op today to buy horse feed. On our journey we discovered that EVERY gas station in town was out of gas except one. The line of cars there stretched 25-30 cars at least.

We called our sweeties and gave them the “red alert!” I talked to Emily who found some regular gas at Costcos in town. She said the line was about 50 cars. Cosco people were passing out bottled water to drivers in line and making sure everyone had a costco membership card.

Deb talked to Brenda who said “old hickory doesn’t have a line I’ll go there…oh they have no gas.” She found some awhile later and both came home with 5 gallon cans too. My toyota is completely out in the driveway so I was glad she brought a little home.

According to local tv news the colonial pipeline that services Nashville (and new orleans, atlanta, memphis, chattanooga, & Knoxville) is from Houston and so we could be looking at shortages for a while. Where is our plug in solar car? Maybe I should train the horses to pull a cart.

UPDATE: We woke up to read on CNN’s website that it’s our fault…we panicked.As Emily so eloquently put it…BULLSHIT. Last night we read it was because 75% of capacity of the pipeline was gone from the Hurricane. Here’s what I KNOW. None of us had a clue about the problem until we drove by the gas stations. We are being manipulated again and the press is stepping right up to spin the “truth.” I predict Nashville isn’t the only city this is going to happen to.


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Suzanne Westenhoefer at Zanies!

You know we could all use a good laugh about now…here’s your chance…Next thursday Sept 25th at 7:30p Suzanne will be in Nashville at Zanies Comedy Club
Click here to get your tickets

Fearless. Bold. Sparkly. Hilarious. That’s Suzanne Westenhoefer in a nutshell. She’s
made a career out of telling the truth. And, the truth is, life is funny (and no one is
off limits). From her sister’s obsession with “Passion of the Christ” to her girlfriend’s
Herculean thighs, Suzanne tells stories that leave audiences in stitches.

Suzanne works mostly unscripted, so when she hits the stage it’s an unpredictable,
original night of comedy magic. Since winning her first comedy competition on a dare
in the early 1990s, Suzanne’s career has taken off.

Suzanne stars nightly on the GSN’s remake of the classic game show, “I’ve Got a
Secret,” entertaining audiences as the “token girl” on a hilarious all-gay panel with
ex-Major League Baseball player Billy Bean, radio icon Frank DeCaro and Broadway’s
Jermaine Taylor.

Notable television appearances include “The Late Show with David Letterman,”
“Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” “Evening at the Improv,” “Caroline’s Comedy
Hour,” “Arli$$” and more. Her live comedy special “A Night at the Village” runs on
LOGO and Bravo. She frequently appears as a commentator on E!, VH1 and Country
Music Television. Her life in comedy was chronicled in the documentary “Laughing
Matters” (2004).

The first openly gay comedian in New York, Suzanne did gay material to straight
audiences in mainstream comedy clubs. She was the first lesbian comedian to garner
an HBO Comedy Special, which earned her a Cable Ace Award nomination.

On land or at sea, Suzanne delights audiences with over 100 performances a year at
theatres, clubs, colleges, fundraisers and cruise and resort vacations (Olivia and
RSVP Vacations). Touring with the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco made Suzanne wish
she’d been born a rockstar.

“HBO Comedy with Suzanne Westenhoefer” (1994) : Nominated for a Cable Ace
“Nothing in my Closet but my Clothes” (1999): Gay and Lesbian American Music
Award (GLAMA) winner for best comedy CD
“I’m Not Cindy Brady” (2000): GLAMA winner for best comedy CD
“Guaranteed Fresh” (2003) : GLAMA winner for best comedy CD
“Live at the Village” (2006)

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Hillary in Nashville

Emily and I went to the town hall meeting last night with Hillary Clinton.


It was in the main auditorium at TSU campus and the place was so full the fire marshall quit letting people in.

me at hillary town meeting

Our friend Elaine took this one of me from across the room. Really bad hair day as you can see. We were dressed for an hour wait outside to get in but as it turned out they were prepared for the crowd and we went right inside. The temperature was in the 30’s so that was lucky for us. The cold didn’t keep many away.


The press was out in full force. Nice to see the bloggers with a little more respect these days. Several were sitting among the camera and newspaper folks typing away on their laptops. Could someone please explain to me what good those light boxes do up there? These guys are all the way across the auditorium from Hillary.

I went to one 4 years ago for Wesley Clark when he was running but this seemed to have more excitement and definitely a much larger crowd. This a shot of some of the lines waiting to get in. This was only a tiny segment of it. It snaked up and down the halls, lobby and out the main door to the sidewalk.


This is a shot of the TSU marching Band playing before she came on.


This was taken about a half hour before it started. The room was beginning to fill up but a huge mass of people came and stood on the floor near the speaker right before it began. We had to stand up on the bleachers to see her at all.


She answered a lot of questions from the audience after her speech and got the crowd going a few times. One when she mentioned something about replacing those two oilmen in the whitehouse.


Nice to see Democracy in action here in Tennessee. I think any one of the democratic candidates could do a whole lot better than what we’ve had the last 7 years but I hope we pick Hillary this time. She smart, she’s tuff, she’s had plenty of experience fighting the right wing spin machine and she already knows the games the republicans will be playing. There’s a giant mess that whoever gets in is going to be left to clean up. There’s no time to stop and figure out the game. She would hit the ground running I think. We need Zena…I’ll take Hillary.

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Nashville’s new glbt center: Out Central

Check out my newest you tube video for Out Central! To find out more info and how you can help go to http://www.outcentral.org
peace and love,

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