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Nashville Flood info

I am blogging & sharing info as I find it on my facebook page here:

also posting updates from the farm on FB too.

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April Women’s Book Club at Outloud Books

Hi All,

Just a reminder, the OutLoud Women’s Book Group will meet Sunday, April 11, at 3:00 pm, to discuss I Can’t Think Straight by award winning writer and film director Shamim Sarif. The novel is based on the screenplay by Kelly Moss and Shamim Sarif and the movie version of I Can’t Think Straight is also available at OutLoud.

“Tala, a London based Palestinian, is preparing for her elaborate Middle Eastern wedding when she meets Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating Tala’s best friend.
Spirited Christian Tala and shy Muslim Leyla could not be more different from each other, but the attraction is immediate and goes deeper than friendship.
As Tala’s wedding day approaches, simmering tensions come to a boiling point and the pressure mounts for Tala to be true to herself.
Moving between the vast enclaves of Middle Eastern high society and the stunning backdrop of London’s West End, I Can’t Think Straight explores the clashes between East and West, love and marriage, conventions and individuality, creating a humorous and tender story of unexpected love and unusual freedom.” (Book Jacket)

As usual, let me remind you that the book group meeting is open to anyone and you don’t have to read the book to attend.

See you there!

Brenda B.

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Jill Sissel CD Release Party

January 7
The Rutledge
410 4th Ave South
Doors open at 7:30
$5.00 cover
Jill Sissel Guitar
Liz Ficalora Drums
Richard Bell Guitar
Ted Wagner Bass
John Heinrich Steel, Sax
Ryan Gill Keyboards
Jeniffer Whitcomb-Oliva Backup Vocals

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Nov 7th Old Time Coffee House


Hi everyone!
It’s been awhile but I’ve dusted off the cobwebs on the old guitar and plan to have tons of fun Saturday night at an old time coffeehouse to benefit Nashville’s gay community center Out Central. Jill Sissel & Liz Ficalora will be there and others perhaps too…If you haven’t visited Out Central this is the perfect time. Lots of people have put in a lot of work to make it a great welcoming space for everybody. Here’s the directions and a link for more info. Hope to see you there!
OutCentral is conveniently located at 1709 Church Street (between the Cafe at OutLoud! and Blu’s) in Nashville, Tennessee. Those travelling through the downtown area on I-65 should exit at Church Street. North-bound travellers should turn LEFT onto Church Street. South-bound travellers should turn RIGHT onto Church Street.
PARKING IS AVAILABLE on the street (pay before 6 p.m.) and behind OutCentral (free). After 5 p.m., visitors are also allowed to use the U.S. Post Office parking lot. DO NOT PARK in private lots, like the one located at 1717 Church Street. You will be towed 24/7. We are currently open only for Special Events and by Appointment.


Peace & Love,
valerie reynolds

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Nashville Rally Info

Equality Rally 10-11-09

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Christian conservatives target 16 Democrats

Two years ago, when 10,000 christian conservatives held a silent march through a “gay section” of Nashville, I picked up my camera and took to the streets as well.

If they (Christian Conservatives) were fighting for things like religious liberty I would be right there fighting with them…instead they are being manipulated, (with wedge issues) for their vote, by huge corporations that stand to profit the most. Follow the money…Corporate pay watch

During the Bush presidency the Republicans held the House, the Senate, the Whitehouse and the Supreme Court was a conservative majority and yet abortion was not overturned. Think about that…”they” (Big Corporations) don’t want it overturned because it is one of the issues that will get you (my conservative neighbors, family & friends) fired up and out to the polls…and the streets…like last weekend in Washington DC over healthcare.

Republican rule results in very little corporate regulation which is what they want. They could care less about the issues as long as they can get you to do what they want by invoking them. If you want to know who “they” are go to www.theyrule.net

Think about this when you’re thinking about healthcare. Who stands to profit the most by keeping things the way they are. Tea Party protesters…can you hear me?

Here’s the story on the 16 Democrats that are now being targeted.

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WSMV anchor Dan Miller died last night


He was in Augusta Georgia for the Masters golf tournament and had a heart attack. He’ll be missed. He’s been the evening co-anchor here in Nashville for years. Sad news. http://www.wsmv.com/news/19135962/detail.html


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