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Debate night at Obama Headquarters in Nashville

Bridges Academy provided The food and it looks great & I’m hungry. (lots of pasta dishes) but the food line is really long and looks a bit overwhelming so I will sit here and start blogging. I’ll eat later tonight when Emily gets here.

In the back of the room are people on cellphones calling voters. This room has been busy every time I’ve been down here. They can always use more help though and if you want to come down and give it a whirl they’ll even give you a script (you don’t need to know what to say) I hope you know by now that it takes all of us to bring about the change we so desperately need. Did you see the DOW today? Down over 500 points. Damn! How low do you think it will go? We all must do more than just vote.

Stacy Beyer is about to sing….

She just sang her song YES WE CAN! She also handed out copies of the song on cd.

This another singer…Keith Floyd

The DJ, Robert Luke is playing music at the moment and I can tell he really really likes his job. I really really like the music choices. Toe tappin’ going on here. Like the hat too…one of his other jobs tonight is to try and quiet the crowd during the debate so we could hear everything. This is not always an easy job. “Ok folks…settle down…”

I can’t overstate the excitement in the room. People came tonight to watch history but I think we all could feel a sense that we are part of it too. The momentum of Obama’s campaign is so inspiring. We have really been through it all these last 8 years. People are fed up. I’m not so sure Tennessee is going to be a “red” state in November. I hope everyone takes advantage of early voting October 15th – 30th because on November 4th I think the polls are going to be very very long lines.

Nick Wells, state field director for Obama’s Tennessee campaign said that if the election were to be tonight not only would Obama win, he would pick up 8 “red states’ that went to Bush in 2000 & 2004.

Needless to say, his “good news” went over pretty well…

Ms. Thompson (I think her name is Felisha) sorry I didn’t get that…she is introducing folks and keeping things rolling along befor the debate. I have been here from 6p on and they have had music & speakers right up to debate time.


Everyone took their seats as it was almost 8pm. The big screen up front was turned on and the lights dimmed. For me it was a matter of one more formality before Obama is sworn in. My mind is made up and has been for a long time. So is just about everyone I know. I turn on the TV and all I hear about is undecided voters. I can’t think of any that I know. I’m a decided voter. I’ve decided I want Obama to be the next President for one simple reason. He’s the most qualified.

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