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It’s time to change discriminatory policy | www.tennessean.c

As Denver and the Democratic Convention draws near, platform issues are in everyone’s mind. The GOP like clockwork will drag out the anti-gay stuff to convince the religious base to go vote for the pasty old white guy. Rove taught them all well. In my little way I’d like to help bring forward voices of GLBT Americans who live day to day without the same rights as their/our straight neighbors. I’ve got an example here for you…this one personally touched me. I joined the Army in ’74 right out of high school. I got caught out of uniform in a lesbian bar near Ft. Jackson, S.C. It was way before the policy went into effect. Needless to say, my “military career” was cut kinda short. I’d like to see in my lifetime GLBT Americans’ service to our country honored. Wouldn’t that be something? Can you imagine people coming up to us and saying “thank YOU for your service to our country?” -Val

Here’s a Great editorial piece in the Tennessean on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

TEP president Chris Sanders

TEP president Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders is the writer and president of TEP (Tennessee Equality Project)

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