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Women’s Book Group at Out Loud Books

Hi Everyone,

The Women’s Book Group will meet Sunday, November 8, at 3:00 pm to discuss The Secret Keeping by Francine Saint Marie.

“Dr. Helaine Kristenson is the leading authority in the field of psychosexual relations and the best-selling author of the how-to bible, “Keeping Mr. Right.” Professionally, she deals with secrets of the heart everyday. Privately, she even has a few of her own to keep her busy. What’s so Top Secret? Her seven-year relationship with notorious super-model, Sharon Chambers…a one very hot union that lately has become something less than perfect.
Wandering unwittingly into the middle of their tangled web is disillusioned investment strategist, Lydia Beaumont, a sleeping beauty who’s just about to wake up.
Add to the resulting fray a dozen lawyers, a handful of corporate executives and a gaggle of overzealous reporters and you’ve got one highly public love triangle. And the more private a woman is, the more exposed she becomes.
THE SECRET KEEPING is a high stakes, fast paced romance, where the moral of the story is that money can indeed buy you love…if it’s invested wisely.” (Book Jacket)

This is the first book in a trilogy and OutLoud will be glad to order the second book, Fortune is a Woman and the third, The Stolen Kiss, for you. Sorry, but they will not be eligible for the book group discount.

Don’t forget, there will be no meeting in December.

Hope to see you at the meeting and, as usual, you don’t have to finish or even read the book to attend. But if you don’t read this one, you will miss out on of the most entertaining books of the year.

Brenda B.

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Drummers listen up…this is great!

liz drumming

liz drumming

Liz is a great drummer and I’m so proud of her work in bringing this idea into reality.


What she is doing is passing on her experience and knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and utilize right away. I know first hand how good a drummer she really is. She played drums for me when I had the Bad Cactus Blues Band. After playing with us she went on to many other great gigs including cruising & performing on the high seas with a rock & roll band on Carnival Cruiseline. When she’s in town you’ll find her rocking the house in Nashville’s favorite lesbian hangouts with The Paint Sisters. If you’re a drummer or know one…get this book!!! -Val Reynolds

P.S. Hey Liz…you’ve just been added to the blogroll

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