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CES: Final post on Vegas

We’re back home and back to crappy internet. I hope Obama addresses the problem of high speed internet access for rural areas. I have both satellite and an AT&T and still I have problems with down times. It’s cold here don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Anyway…here’s a brief synopsis of CES and what I saw…I wrote this in the plane on the way home:

Monday 6:30p
This is my last post from CES so I wanted to give a run down of what I saw in changing technology. Hang on to your wallets because there’s a lot of cool new toys coming soon if not out already. Here’s a brief look at some of what I found.

The biggest new stuff had to do with HD and HD 3D. Flat panels are getting skinnier (one was 1/3″ thick) and some are more decorative-colorful frames. The color and resolution is just better and better although by far for me was Panasonic’s new 60″ coming out in June and Sony’s OLED whenever that is out in something bigger and less pricey. They wouldn’t say when or how much it would be. Sony had the OLED on display which is supposed to eliminate the backlight and create far more vivid contrasts. the o stands for organic and it emits it’s own light. no more back light needed.

For home systems it’s blu-ray and internet ready so you can download your favorite netflix movie and watch it right away.

The film world had hoped to deliver more 3d movies to theaters so higher ticket prices could be asked but there’s not enough 3d screens around the country and home theater systems are coming out. We watched some at CES and it is pretty spectacular. Look for sony and panasonic to introduce some systems for your livingroom this year. There’s 30 3D films in production right now. It takes a lot to deliver HD (Huge files) and with 3D they have to deliver 2 complete movie files (one for each eye) Pretty amazing stuff.

Mobile Devices
Smart phones are getting better. Cameras with better resolution (so far up to 8megs) Text and send photos is now possible without having to send them via email. Storage is getting much bigger (I saw one with 16gig in it) So you can shoot video and send it to youtube all you want.

Clothing & Accessories
It seemed like everything I looked at had a dock or a port for the ipod. I even tried on sunglasses that that worked wirelessly (bluetooth) to cell phones and mp3 players. little ear buds on the ends of the eyeglass part that fits over your ears. Earbud attachments were in for the kids. Personalize you earphones will peace signs, lady bugs etc. They snap on & off earphone piece. I even saw a pillow that was bluetooth capable with built in speakers and a mic.

Coats, backpacks, shoulder slings for laptops, iphones and ipods. Places to pack them, charge then play them. I even saw one that would make Lara Croft smile. It was so bad ass and self respecting butch would be proud to wear it.

Sony had a bracelet that you wear and it controls devices wirelessly.

Film/ Movies
30 3D movies are currently in production.

Wii is big with lots of new accessories including a rifle with sites and instruments for your virtual rock band. I saw a violin, a sax and a new electric that’s bigger and more realistic.
3D is big here as well and we tried out one system that was really far out. You turn your head with the glasses on and everywhere you look you can see. It’s a virtual world complete with blue sky and everything. The graphics are great and crystal clear.

These at least in the home seem to be making the move to the television. Some TV’s are coming out with full internet included and a nifty gadget I saw was a USB transmitter you plug in your laptop and the receiver plugs into the TV. Now you can watch the football game and check the stats online all on the TV. (Your computer is now on the TV and you just resize the window however you like. I can see us all just pointing our smart phones at the screen in the future…no more laptop…

Automotive Devices
The big leap here is to bring everything tech in our homes with us on the road. Dashboards with ipod docks, satellite radio, usb charging stations etc.
TV & internet is the next thing for you lesbian moms with the teenagers in the back seat. Mobile TV is expanding to accommodate. If you’re in a city and lucky enough to have wi-max then bingo you’ll be all set to go with your new smart car.

The most megs I saw was a sony still camera. It made one of the best of show and has 24megs. I don’t think you can buy it yet. Cannon had some cool HD cameras that shoot to flash memory cards that you pull out and stick in your computer or TV to watch. Bye bye tape…They were small but the video is excellent and they also have stabilizing technology to eliminate the shakycam.
My favorite camera was the scuba mask with the built in video camera. It’s going to sell for like $100 and has optional LED lights. They have one for snorkeling, one for diving and a commercial one for deep diving.

Green Technology
Lots of solar and windpower chargers at the show. Power strips that cut off phantom power when you leave a room with one switch. Recycled products made from other plastic products. One device you connect to the main box in the house to prevent over surges (and charges) for the electric company. Better batteries with longer life.

Future world
Robot technology may be advancing but what I saw seemed pretty basic. I did read that a car that converts to an airplane will be available within a year for approx. $100,000
There is already a car that is also a submersible. Still waiting for my jetpack.

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CES: Last day

Well I didn’t have much for you yesterday from CES as we took off early to watch the Titans game. BUMMER!!! Emily is mad at Jeff Fisher for one call in particular in the first half. I kept expecting hail mary passes from Collins and he kept throwing these short little things. We totally out played the Ravens (check the yardage) and we still lost anyway. It sucks. I was SO ready for that superbowl party.

Anyway, here’s some photos from this morning at CES. I’ll try to write some final thoughts on some of the coolest things I saw at the show. Maybe I can work on it on the plane. I’m a little tired right now. I think my feet are going to fall off. Emily is already asleep. It’s been fun but my God that’s a lot of walking.

me and a robot

me and a robot

robot dumb waiter

robot dumb waiter

Emily with 3d gaming glasses

Emily with 3d gaming glasses

This evening we went out on the town and this horse was in the main lobby at the belagio hotel . It was really pretty.

horse in belagio

horse in belagio

This is a tiny example of the inside of the venetian. It’s like being in Italy. Outside they have a small water canal and gondolas. Inside it looks like Michael Angelo was there.

ceiling in the venetian

ceiling in the venetian

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CES: Day 2 Photos from the floor


NBC was broadcasting from the floor of CES and we watched for a few minutes. The producer (or whoever she was) was busy behind the glass in the mobile control room.

This TV display from Sony was for a brand new technology call OLED. The cost is still high $2500 at least for 11″ but it’s just now evolving. The O stands for organic. It’s a carbon based product and when power is added to it it emits light. No more backlight required. BLACKS ARE BLACK so contrast/resolution is stunning. What was on display was all prototypes but between the look of it and the energy efficiency it’s exciting new technology I think.


Cannon was showing off the new consumer HD cameras with an elaborate showcase complete with dancers and MC. These kids were called the fanny packers and they were great. The cameras were too. True HD, small, no more tapes, image stabilizing, flash cards that go right into the laptop to make your movie masterpiece….

Lots of other bloggers, podcasters & media everywhere interviewing. We were in the North Hall most of the day and the crowds are much bigger than yesterday. One other cool TV related thing I saw were fancy frames around TVs from Hitachi. I think they called them Chameleon skins and they were in all colors and different textures. My must have TV is 1/3″ thick and 60″ HD plasma…it’s not out yet but I’m waiting…someday. I saw a prototype in the Panasonic booth and also I think a home 3D system to go with it would be fine too…

Now if I could just hit that Jackpot in the Casino…

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CES: Day 2 Audio from Sony Booth about Blueray

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CES: Day 2 Audio from Blackberry Booth

Smart phones are much more than cell phones. Listen to music, better and better camera resolution, bigger storage for video, text and send photos. More of course but you get the idea…
Apple has the iphone and also blackberry has a new one out now. LG does too. Emily and I played with the new blackberries. Here’s a call I made to you talking about some of it’s features.

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Evening in the Desert


After deciding that we had given enough money to the casinos on the strip we went to the older downtown area of Las Vegas to try our luck. Freemont Street is really cool with a video show above your heads every 15 minutes or so. There’s huge speakers blasting music and even some live entertainment between The Horseshoe, The Golden Nugget and The 4 Queens casinos. Some say the odds are better there because they don’t have the expenses of the touristy strip. Fancy Smancy, houty touty and all. We didn’t find that to be true as they took all our money there as well.

Now this is cool. It’s the Tank at the Golden Nugget. The pool is heated with chairs submerged in the water facing the shark aquarium. The bar is right next to it. Inside the shark tank is the slide for the pool. It’s clear plexiglass so the sharks are swimming all around you as you hurl your body down the slide. I didn’t see anyone using it so I don’t know how fast you zoom by jaws but it would be great if you could stop and hang out there a bit and watch them.

Emily and I taking in the sites.

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CES: Day 1

Thursday 5p.
There where tons of new innovative product launches such as Palm’s new Pre and webOS, LG’s wireless wristwatch phone with video chat and text messaging capabilities, NETGEAR’s Internet TV player and Panasonic’s world’s thinnest plasma TV. We spent today mostly looking at TV’s and Home Theater systems.

One interesting thing we came across was the Flat Wire. It’s almost as wide as duct tape and a bit thinner. It’s a conductive metal and you put it right on top of your drywall, mud and paint over it and it is your speaker wire, tv wire etc. No more fishing wires out of the walls…no more throw rugs to cover wires.

Streaming video and being able to download Netflix movies directly to your TV or bluetooth dvd player was another big showcase item. We watched some HD movies on 1080dpi sets and the resolution was wonderful. It’s got to be uncompressed to be that clear.

One such device is XstreamHD It not only delivers 1080dpi HD movies but it stores them too. It can stream multiple programs to different sets and has 3 tuners in it to catch survivor, the news and the L-Word all at the same time. (That is if they all are on at the same time…

Ok now this is the car for those completely addicted to their computers. It’s got wi-max capabilities so that means if your city offers free wimax internet (there’s a few that do) then you have internet in this car. You also can watch TV, plug in all your devices into the dash and generally do everything you do know in front of your desktop now. Late me make myself clear here…I DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE ON THE SAME ROAD YOU ARE ON IN THIS CAR!!!

3D TV at home is another biggie this year and we enjoyed sitting down and watching it a lot…my feet were killing me. TDVision Systems was one company we looked at and they are more on the software end of things. They are designing for dual core intel processors so I’m guessing they will be Mac compatible. You can learn more at their website.

another 3D company was TDVision Systems inc. This seemed more geared for the consumer. They offer two systems (cheaper/less resolution and more expensive/better picture) There’s a website to buy 3D movies that I didn’t know about too. It’s called the dejaview marketplace. These guys claim to have eliminated motion sickness and queasiness some have experienced with other 3D. Pure game no puke. Cool slogan 🙂


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