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Fascism…are we there yet?

To paraphrase Paul Krugman in his book Conscience of a Liberal, I too grew up taking the America I knew then for granted. I also protested the bombing in Cambodia. I attended my first “sit-in” at the JFK center in Boston. I was sixteen at the time and skipped school to do it. Through the years, I protested injustices directed toward women, gays & lesbians, blacks & immigrants. I refused to eat lettuce because of Caesar Chavis. I believed that we were going to wrestle “it” away from the corrupted politicians and put America back on the road to Peace, Justice and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.

Now, I’m 51 years old and after living the last seven years under the neo-con’s wet dream called the Bush Administration, I am concerned for the health of this democracy. These days I ask things like “is fascism just around the corner? Or are we already in it?” Everybody throws around Hitler and the nazi link when they talk about fascism but really Mussolini was a much better example.

Fascism is when the government and corporations merge. It’s when everything is privatized. Like schools (New Orleans) and and there’s private armies (Blackwater) and secret prisons or “gulags” (Guantanamo & Abbu Garab) and the government spies on it’s own people (The Patriot Act) and the media is controlled. (5 US corporations now own all US media)

It’s when the government scares the hell out of it’s own people by telling them of threats inside and outside of the country. (The “War on Terror”) It’s like when Government officials start acting like thugs or the mob (Blackwater roamed the streets of New Orleans with guns after Katrina and they are building facilities now all around the country) It when a country harasses it’s citizens that speak out against it’s policies (200-300 people were on the “terrorist watch list before 9/11 today 850,000+ are on the list now including Sen. Ted Kennedy, anti-war activists, liberals and others)

It’s also when the government singles out individuals who speak out (purging of 8 U.S. Attorneys, CIA worker denied secret clearence after saying waterboarding is torture on her blog) and Dissent is unpatriotic (The Dixie Chicks) or treason (Editor of the NY Times attacked by Republicans in Congress for publishing what Bush called secret documents) Fascism is also when the rule of law is suspended. (The Posse Comitatus Act – Bush is violating it by saying he can now use the army for domestic law enforcement)

Well, I guess I better try to get some sleep. It’s late. I had a few things on my mind. Better go hit the sack because soon it will be time to WAKE UP!

Peace and love,

Naomi Wolf’s 10 steps to Fascism

The Conscience of a Liberal
Paul Krugman


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TEP needs your help to reach across Tennessee:Adoption Rights Update

Dear Valerie,

Yesterday the State Attorney General issued an opinion saying that there is no legal barrier to adoption by same-sex couples. While we welcome that opinion, I’m sad to report that less than 24 hours later, the far Right has announced an attack on our community’s adoption rights.

According to today’s (Nashville) City Paper, “Rep. Glen Casada (R-College Grove), who was one of the co-sponsoring Republicans on the 2005 bill, said he or one of his colleagues would try to ban same-sex adoption again this year. ‘Children should only be adopted by a man and a woman,’ Casada said. ‘That’s what we’ve built our society upon is a man and a woman raising the next generation. And it works.’”

In 2005 our lobbying efforts and your support helped defeat these kinds of attacks.

What will you do to make sure that deserving children find good homes and that our adoption rights are protected? We have an opportunity to prepare.

Will you commit to attend the fourth annual Advancing Equality Day on the Hill on February 19, 2008 and meet with your legislators about this issue? It sounds like a long time away, but it will be here before we know it after the holiday rush. We need people from every part of the state at Legislative Plaza that day to defeat this bill. For more information about this event, email public policy chair Marisa Richmond at marisa@tnequalityproject.com.

Will you consider holding a town hall meeting or even a house party in your part of the state to discuss the adoption issue in November, December, or January? Chances are a TEP speaker can come to your event and we can help publicize it. If you are interested in doing that, contact me at chris@tnequalityproject.com.

Will you consider making a gift to support our lobbying effort? Having a presence on the Hill is not free. I wish it were, but the GLBT community in Tennessee needs to understand that we benefit from having a lobbyist at the Capitol and we all need to take responsibility for funding these efforts. Make your gift here: http://tnep.org/html/donate_now.html.
Together we can defeat these attacks on our adoption rights and advance equality in Tennessee.


Chris Sanders
Chair and President

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