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Support This Bill

Thanks for your note and thanks for volunteering at the fairgrounds. We
are in the process of drafting legislation that will make it a felony to
withhold food and/or water from any animal. We are not touching the tax
exemption nor changing the classification of the animals. It makes no
sense to have different penalties for “livestock” and companion animals.

I would respectfully ask that you contact your legislators – both House
and Senate – and ask that they support our bill. If you have friends or
family in other parts of the state, ask them to do so as well.

We have your contact information and will keep you updated as we move
through the legislative process. I hope to have the bill drafted by the
end of next week and will post it for everyone that is on our contact
list to see. It will take everyone working together to get this bill

Again, thanks for the note and thanks for your time at the fairgrounds.

Janis Sontany
State Representative – District 53

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Lining up Volunteers to clean stalls

Nashville: looks like i’ll have info soon for anyone willing to volunteer at the fairgrounds caring for the 84 rescued horses. email me if you can help. avalonfarms@hughes.net Help is needed cleaning stalls (One person holds horse and other person shovels poop) If you don’t know horses you can still help with the pitch fork…let me know and i’ll contact you as soon as i know more. If you know anyone with square bale hay they can spare i’ll come pick it up and bring it to the fairgrounds

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tn horse rescue could use your help

Rescue group works to save horses
if you can help please send them a donation to help cover the expenses.

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Learning to Drive

Something I’ve been wanting to learn is driving…as in horse & buggy driving. It’s so different than riding because you don’t use legs to comunicate with the horse. It’s all in your hands (the reins), your voice and the buggy whip.
I have a neighbor that’s been helping me to put together my first rig. He sold me a 5 year old haflinger gelding named Max. He also hand made a buggy out of local cedar and had the leather harness & collar made by a local guy he knew.
Today was a big day as I learned to drive two different types of rigs…a 2 wheel cart
and a 4 wheel carriage with a 5th wheel.
Everyone I know that is into driving have been so helpful. Thank you Claire, Joy & John, Billy Jack, my sister Diane & her husband Kevin and others. Thanks for helping a novice like me.
I’m studying DVD’s and books from The Bowers Farm about harnesses & driving too. I went to the Parelli Clinic in feb in Franklin, Tennessee linda parelliand was fortunate to meet Steve Bower’s son Nate. Steve is no longer with us but he left behind a lot of information about how to naturally train and drive horses. His son is carrying on with his work and he was so kind to talk to me for so long and answer my questions. I have tons of them. I’m out of my comfort zone but I’m excited to make driving a part of my horse world
Driving is like any other horse sport..accidents can and do happen. I’m hoping that by using my Parelli training and then learning all I can about driving naturally, I will avoid the mistakes and have many happy rides around the farm with Max.

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No Horse Slaughter Houses in Tennessee

thanks dan for alerting me to this…

Dear Tennessee Advocates,

Introduced by State Rep. Frank Nicely and State Senator Mike Faulk, Tennessee HB 1428/SB 1898 is a bill that will encourage, sanction and promote horse slaughter plants within your state. The ASPCA strongly opposes this legislation, which unfortunately is moving quickly through the committee process in both the House and the Senate. The bill will likely face a final vote in both bodies soon.

There are currently no horse slaughter plants in the United States—but if this bill passes, Tennessee could soon earn the dubious distinction of becoming the horse-killing capital of our nation. This bill is not only bad for horses—its passage would be terrible for Tennessee’s reputation, ecology and tourism industry.

What You Can Do
It is crucial that you contact your state representative and senator right away and tell them that you oppose HB 1428/SB 1898. Please take a few minutes to email your state legislators today to ask them to oppose this inhumane bill. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to send your letter.

Thank you, Tennessee, for taking action for animals.


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Hay Time on the Farm

photos on my FB page…

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80 horses need a home

I found this on craiglist about horses in Tennessee-val

80 Appaloosa Horses need homes ASAP in Tenn (TN Humane Society)

Reply to: sale-ftuz9-1095558417@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-03-27, 9:56PM CDT

This was sent to a group in AZ and I am forwarding it as I think advertising closer to home will be more hopeful in finding these horses a home..

Dear Horse Lovers,

The ApHC was contacted by the National Humane Society (Leanne McCollum 615-734-9537 leannemccollum@hsus.org) regarding a family in TN that has fallen on some hard times and needs assistance placing their 80 Appaloosas.

As I understand it, the TN Humane Society has been working with the family to find homes and to provide food. The National Humane Society has arranged for a 1 ton hay drop this week, but ultimately the family is needs to place the horses.

I realize that we are all under financial strain these days, but I am calling on you to contact the representative I mentioned above to see if you can offer any assistance from transportation, feed, farrier services, a temporary home, a donation or adoption.

If you know of anyone who might be able to offer assistance please provide them the contact information listed above.

Thank you for your support of this wonderful breed and for creating a great family and community organization!

Best Regards,

Merida McClanahan
Director of Marketing
Appaloosa Horse Club
2720 W. Pullman Road
Moscow, Idaho 83843
Phone: (208) 882-5578 ext. 235
Fax: (208) 882-8150

Location: TN Humane Society
it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 1095558417

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