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Food & Water for Volunteers Needed

Update on the horses at the fairgrounds:
From Leighann…
Hi Val. We are good on feed thanks to Tractor Supply. Right now, taking care of our volunteers with food, soda, water, etc. is our biggest need.

If anyone has contacts with restaurants, grocery stores etc let me know. Thanks.

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Parelli Celebration: Franklin, Tn

Wow…amazing day today…
I feel inspired to get out there with the horses and play. So much to take in and so many ideas of how to progress with my relationship with my gelding Sirocco. I’ve just started riding him in the arena at the walk. He’s been doing really well but the last time I saddled him he wasn’t ready and I didn’t read it. (him)
Direct line thinking. I went in there to ride my horse. I brought him in the arena, played the games, groomed him and put the saddle on just like I’ve been doing. Well, he didn’t want anything to do with it and ears back, side stepping he let me know. Luckily I hadn’t cinched it up yet. I lifted it off and set it on the rail. Oh there’s a personality standing there and what do you know…he has opinions!
Parelli Natural Horsemanship has shown me the relationship comes first above all else. It isn’t about the riding, it isn’t about getting in the trailer, it’s about him trusting me and “wanting” to be with me.
The Clinic is like fine tuning. I’m learning a lot, getting “fired up” to take it to a new level and making new friends. Horses enrich my life in so many ways.
Cheers to Pat & Linda franklin-parelli-celebration for making the lives of horses better and for making so many of us better for our horses.

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