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Sirocco & Me

I’ve been studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship for a few years and never before took the time to get “officially certified” in the program. I’ve signed up for a level 3 & 4 clinic in June which means I must be certified in level 2 to attend. I’m really looking forward to the clinic which is with one of Parelli’s top trainers, Carol Coppinger. I’ve been to one of her level 1 clinics a few years ago and she’s amazing. Great teacher too.

So the other day Emily ran the camera for me and I completed my Level 2 online audition tape. Now I wait to hear if I passed. The other part of level 2 is the riding part which I haven’t recorded yet. Here’s my online audition with my gelding Sirocco. (9 minute youtube video at the end of this post)

about the horse…

He was born here and is out of my quarter horse mare April. She died last year at 24 from a spine injury suffered in a fall last winter. She slipped in the pasture when it was wet and muddy. She was a great horse, my best friend and a wonderful mamma. I still miss her and the many trail rides we had together. She is buried on our farm down near “the point,” a spot next to the geldings pasture and the lake.

Sirocco is a quarter horse and his bloodlines are King p234, king fritz, leo & poco buano. Those are all old foundation QH lines. There are two common types of quarter horses…the cowboys rode stalky horses with a lot of muscle to work cows. They are fast and can turn on a dime. Later thoroughbreds were bred into the line to add a slender tall frame to the mix for things like jumping, dressage and eventing. Sirocco is short and stalky. Quarter Horses got the name because they could run the fastest 1/4 mile. His grand father was “Woodchex,” a national reining horse champion. Reining is also called “the cowboy’s dressage.”

In terms Parelli folks understand, he is a left brain introvert/extrovert (I see both of those in him so not sure where he falls on the chart) I started riding him before winter set in and now we’re just getting back to riding in the arena. He’s been doing really well and I think all the ground work is really paying off. He’s side passing, coming off my leg, picking up his lead and backing nicely. I’m really happy with his progress.

He has a full brother “Grayson Chex Leo” that I am working with too but I am not as far along yet with him. I’ll post more about him later. A local trainer, JR has been coming to the farm to help start all the young green horses and he’s really helped me with my riding skills too. He’s the 3rd generation in his family to train horses and he too is a natural horseman. Here he is playing a circle game with Dolly (“Honcho’s Dolly Dee”) another one of our quarter horses in training at Avalon Farms.

Val’s Level 2 Online Audition Video


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This just in from Parelli.com…

On February 9, 2010, the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) met to discuss the use of the highly controversial technique known as “rollkur.” Parelli was proud to contribute to the global initiative to stop rollkur, and we thank all of you who responded to our call to sign and spread the petitions in opposition of this abusive training method.

We are pleased to announce that 41,000 signatures were collected and presented to the FEI conference! The group reached the consensus that, “any head and neck position achieved through aggressive force is not acceptable.”

Thank you again for your support! Due to the protests of horse-lovers worldwide, the horse world has taken a huge step in the right direction.

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April’s Bama Baby 1986-2009

Around 9:30 this morning Dr Lindsy came out and put my mare April down. She had been struggling for several months with a fracture in the hip or spine. Sometime overnight or this morning she got out of her paddock and in with the geldings. Deb found her down in their pasture on the fenceline. We made several attempts to get her up but she was unable to assist. We said our goodbyes.


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Beautiful Thoroughbred w/ White Line disease needs home ASAP!


From http://www.BitsandBytesFarm.com

“Caritas is a 2005, 15′2+ hand Thoroughbred gelding. He is very stout and has alot of growing left to do. He does have feet issues and he is being treated for white line disease at the moment. His feet currently do not bother him but he will always need special care and special shoes in order for his feet to stay good. He has been hand walking for 60 days now. He is very nice to be around. His groom calls him a big teddy bear. His legs are clean they had just put bandages on hims our contact arrived to take photos. The bandages are just for protection in his stall.

He needs a home ASAP or there is talk of euthansia. His vet was there and said there should be no problem with him transitioning to the show world with proper foot care. We do not like to give away horses so we want a donation to a Thoroughbred rescue group and proof that you can offer him a great home. He is listed on our BARGAIN BARN page as well.”

I desperately wish I could take this horse, but without my own farm and I financially cannot. I firmly believe he could heal completely with barefoot trimming and a loving new owner. But he needs a home TODAY! If you or someone you know could take him in, please pass this along to them. This is too fabulous a horse to be put down over something we all know can be fixed. I apologize for sending out a mass email, but this is the only way I know to get this information out quickly. I’ve attached a picture of this gorgeous gelding.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Wood at Bits and Bytes Farm in Canton, Georgia. 770-704-6595 orewood@bitsandbytesfarm.com


Amy Buchanan

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Welcome to the World Baby Girl!

This is Rosie. My sister’s pony had her baby last night at 12:45am
Ain’t she sweet?

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