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Hay Time on the Farm

photos on my FB page…

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Family Time

Our daughter Jennifer came home from college and we enjoyed an easter brunch downtown. I ate way too much but it was really good. She’s about a half a year from graduating and her excitement about the future is infectious. So many dreams & and ambitions…so much talent. She’s getting some good advise from teachers and students ahead of her already venturing out. She wants to act and getting enough experience under her belt to get an equity card is her first goal. She seems happy and in her element these days. It makes us feel good to know she’s doing ok and pursuing her dreams.

I worked in the garden for a few hours when we got home. Planted some snow peas and english peas. Cleaned out between some of the raised beds and put newspaper and mulch down. Trying to keep the summer weeds from taking over. as things start coming up i’ll surround them with straw which will help some too. still have to weed but not as much. more work now for less work later…

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cool website

check this out…http://www.worldchanging.org It’s a website with ideas and solutions instead of complaints and bitching. I could spend a long time at this one reading about new innovative things, ideas, ways to make this world a better place. I heard about it listening to TED Talks which is also very very cool. Actually, my ipod is full of TED Talks lectures and I am so glad I found that too. Hope you check them out and enjoy too!
Peace & Love,

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The Farm in Spring

Spring is my favorite season and it’s the busiest around here. Garden to prepare for planting, pasture in need of restoration, outbuildings need tending to after the windy winter we’ve had. Horse blankets need cleaning and or repairs and need to be stored for next year. Landscaping around our house always gets put on the bottom of the to do list but it really needs some work. My 4 tiny rose bushes just ain’t gonna cut it…

When I think of all the work to do my head spins but when I hear the Canadian geese returning and see the crocus popping up along the fence lines I can’t help but smile. Another cold winter is almost over and soon I will be working in T-shirts and shorts again. yeh!

Happy Spring!
Planting time here is around April 15th I’ll start some seeds indoors this week under light though. Can’t wait

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“Clean” coal? Bull Hockey!

Huffington Post: “Clean Coal” Merely a Marketing Ploy to Stop Climate Solutions
.4 million cubic yards of coal ash that spilled into the Kingston, Tenn., area in December wasn’t “clean.” The 12 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide that coal-fired power plants put into the atmosphere each year isn’t “clean” either.

NPR:Conflicted Emotions Follow Tennessee Coal Ash Spill
by Matt Shafer Powell

New York Times: The coal ash spill in pictures (see for yourself how “clean” this shit is…)

ABC News: Tenn. Coal-Ash Spill Fallout: Boxer’s Hopes for a New Administration
Sen. Barbara Boxer Tells ABC News She’s Annoyed at Lack of Oversight

The Nation: A Global Green Deal

Follow the Catlin Arctic Survey Team as they head to the north pole to measure the sea ice and determine just how long our planet will have ice at the pole.

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Al Gore’s Challenge

Dear Friend,

Al Gore just challenged the nation to take bold steps towards solving the climate crisis.

Global warming is an urgent, but solvable problem. That’s why I’ve joined the We Campaign, a powerful nonpartisan movement of concerned citizens that was founded by Nobel Prize Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. Join me and be part of history in the making today at http://wecansolveit.org.

We’re already more than a million strong — and growing each day.

Thank you!

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Is this the America you want?

Get mad and get active…
Things you can do:
1. write a letter to the editor
2. call your congressman(woman) and/or senator
3. Join local organization(s) working for change
4. give money to non-profit groups trying to change things
5. Don’t rely on mainstream media…READ books and articles and websites
6. Don’t think it’s not going touch your world if you ignore it
7. Help wake up America talk to your friends and family
8. Read and understand the Constitution then fight anybody that tries to change it.

Cops Break Door, Nab Alleged Pizza Thief
Police Use Battering Ram to Break Down Door and Arrest Woman Accused of Snatching Pizza

Pregnant Woman’s Tasering Probed
FBI, Ohio Cops Investigate Nov. 18 Incident After Complaint Filed

November 28th, 2007
Blogger Fights for Free Speech in New Jersey
EFF Defends Critic from Local Government’s Heavy-Handed Tactics

TSA plan to gather more data protested

Global Warming: The Rich Opt Out

11-29-07: MOONSHINE AMERICA – Collapse of the “Trust Me” model
Election fraud (Tennessee included in this article)
Are they counting your vote in secret? Do you trust them?

Bombs Away?
Arms expert Scott Ritter says the U.S. plans to attack Iran. Metro Times asks why he’s so sure.
by Curt Guyette and W. Kim Heron

America’s Gulag Goes Before the Court
by Marie Cocco
Did you ever think that we would toture, lock people away forever without charges or trials, never know who, how many, where they were sent or what ever happened to them? We do that now. Some are even U.S. citizens. Welcome to the new America folks…

Black Friday Die Die Die
America’s most obscene shopping day meets its doom in an oily nightmare hell. All true!
by Mark Morford
and meanwhile we fight and claw each other in walmart to buy the next new electronic gadget

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