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Mystery illness killing off Bats

I found this article in Scientific American…90% of the Bats in caves in New york are dead. First it was the bees not the bats. This should be news but I haven’t seen it anywhere have you? Anytime members of the food chain that I’m on too start disappearing I’d like to know about it wouldn’t you? CNN hello?




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Is this the America you want?

Get mad and get active…
Things you can do:
1. write a letter to the editor
2. call your congressman(woman) and/or senator
3. Join local organization(s) working for change
4. give money to non-profit groups trying to change things
5. Don’t rely on mainstream media…READ books and articles and websites
6. Don’t think it’s not going touch your world if you ignore it
7. Help wake up America talk to your friends and family
8. Read and understand the Constitution then fight anybody that tries to change it.

Cops Break Door, Nab Alleged Pizza Thief
Police Use Battering Ram to Break Down Door and Arrest Woman Accused of Snatching Pizza

Pregnant Woman’s Tasering Probed
FBI, Ohio Cops Investigate Nov. 18 Incident After Complaint Filed

November 28th, 2007
Blogger Fights for Free Speech in New Jersey
EFF Defends Critic from Local Government’s Heavy-Handed Tactics

TSA plan to gather more data protested

Global Warming: The Rich Opt Out

11-29-07: MOONSHINE AMERICA – Collapse of the “Trust Me” model
Election fraud (Tennessee included in this article)
Are they counting your vote in secret? Do you trust them?

Bombs Away?
Arms expert Scott Ritter says the U.S. plans to attack Iran. Metro Times asks why he’s so sure.
by Curt Guyette and W. Kim Heron

America’s Gulag Goes Before the Court
by Marie Cocco
Did you ever think that we would toture, lock people away forever without charges or trials, never know who, how many, where they were sent or what ever happened to them? We do that now. Some are even U.S. citizens. Welcome to the new America folks…

Black Friday Die Die Die
America’s most obscene shopping day meets its doom in an oily nightmare hell. All true!
by Mark Morford
and meanwhile we fight and claw each other in walmart to buy the next new electronic gadget

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Tennessee is ranked 43rd

According to Forbes magazine’s list of greenest states we are near the bottom. Al Gore we need help here at home-val

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Why Not Follow Austin’s lead?

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives lists Austin among the top 15 greenest cities in the world.


“Austin is important because it shows that a government body can take steps within its own realm of control — that this is a problem that can be managed and that there are models that can work,” said David Hawkins, director of the climate center at the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C. “If Austin’s actions cause other cities to ask, ‘Why aren’t we doing something like that?’ then this can have a much bigger effect.”

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