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cool website

check this out…http://www.worldchanging.org It’s a website with ideas and solutions instead of complaints and bitching. I could spend a long time at this one reading about new innovative things, ideas, ways to make this world a better place. I heard about it listening to TED Talks which is also very very cool. Actually, my ipod is full of TED Talks lectures and I am so glad I found that too. Hope you check them out and enjoy too!
Peace & Love,

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Follow Arctic Expedition online

In the last Canadian outpost of civilization, a tiny place called Resolute Bay, 3 explorers await the start of a journey that may impact us all. Two men and one woman are busy going over last minute gear checks, packing and repacking food, clothing, survival gear etc. A support team is at work too making sure all the little details are covered and everything is a go. The project is called The Catlin Arctic Survey and it is working in partnership with the WWF. They plan to measure the Arctic Ice thickness to help Scientists determine how fast climate change is melting it.

I followed news stories about Ann in 2005 when she made a solo trip to the pole. I also read the stories about her when she made a trip with two other women in 2002. “Against all odds they had become the first all women’s team in the world to ski to both poles.” I plan to follow this one too on my computer via the main website, twitter, facebook & youtube. You’ll find the links here.

In her own words here’s Ann talking about what it was like at the top of the world:
“The North Pole is situated in the middle of an Ocean and not a land mass, which means the ice and terrain I walked across was constantly moving, affected by the currents and wind.
Although, in its essence white, the hues and colors of the ice vary greatly from the purest white, to the most beautiful aqua marine. Even the deepest of blacks are seen as a film of ice begins to develop over a newly opened expanse of water and the inky ocean can be seen below. It ranges from the shiny to the dull and from powdery snow to hard frosty ice. There are huge pressure ridges, sometimes over 30 feet high, small hummocks of ice and of course open water, where the ice has split apart.
The landscape changes constantly as ridges move and pans of ice split apart. It is Mother Nature at its most powerful and for me the most magnificent place on earth.” –Ann Daniels member of Ice Team/Catlin Arctic Survey

Here’s to everyone on the team, good luck & God(dess) speed. I hope what you learn is not as dire as I fear. Your courage and determination is really amazing. I couldn’t do what you’re doing but I’m glad that you can and that you are.

Our world, our planet is being changed so much by us. How we live, what we drive, what our politicians give to corporations by looking the other way. If we are going to let it happen or just not look at it because it’s too big then we must at least look at what it is we will be losing. Maybe it is a step toward really caring enough to make changes in our daily lives. Demand changes from our government(s). This is a chance for you to take a look at an awesome place…our canary in the cave…it is one of the first places to feel the effects of all the carbon we’re dumping into the atmosphere. This is the land of the polar bear…at least for today it is. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. -peace & love, Val

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“Clean” coal? Bull Hockey!

Huffington Post: “Clean Coal” Merely a Marketing Ploy to Stop Climate Solutions
.4 million cubic yards of coal ash that spilled into the Kingston, Tenn., area in December wasn’t “clean.” The 12 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide that coal-fired power plants put into the atmosphere each year isn’t “clean” either.

NPR:Conflicted Emotions Follow Tennessee Coal Ash Spill
by Matt Shafer Powell

New York Times: The coal ash spill in pictures (see for yourself how “clean” this shit is…)

ABC News: Tenn. Coal-Ash Spill Fallout: Boxer’s Hopes for a New Administration
Sen. Barbara Boxer Tells ABC News She’s Annoyed at Lack of Oversight

The Nation: A Global Green Deal

Follow the Catlin Arctic Survey Team as they head to the north pole to measure the sea ice and determine just how long our planet will have ice at the pole.

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Melissa Ethridge at 2009 Biodiesel Conference


There’s an article, photos & about a 10 minute audio clip of the speech she gave on the biodiesel conference website. Go get your cup of coffee and check it out. One more reason why I love this woman so much. It’s not just her talent which is so huge…it’s about her commitment to make this world a little better while she’s here.
peace & love,

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women gathering on the internet against palin

This an example of the strength of the internet in this year’s election. YES WE CAN! Each and every person can do SOMETHING to combat the lies in mainstream media. Hey women check out this site…here’s just a few facts I found on it…

From www.womenagainstpalin.com

Their Agenda Against Women
• McCain voted against The Equal Pay Bill for 
Women. He said women ‘need education and 
training’ instead.

• Palin wants to outlaw abortion in every form, 
including for victims of rape or incest.

• McCain voted against the family and medical 
leave act, making it harder for women and men 
to take time from work to care for loved ones.

• Palin cut special needs funding in Alaska by 
62% yet claims to be a special needs advocate.

• Palin wants to teach creationism in the schools, 
making it harder for our teachers to compete 
with up-and-coming nations in science education.

• McCain opposed spending to prevent 
unintended and teen pregnancies.

• Palin does not believe that humans contribute to 
global warming and she wants to take the polar 
bear off of the endangered species list so she 
can drill for oil in Alaska.

• McCain opposed legislation requiring that 
abstinence-only programs be medically accurate 
and scientifically based.

• McCain’s health care plan will require that 
benefits be taxed, the first time this would ever 
happen in America’s history. This will make it 
next to impossible to pay high medical bills with 
insurance benefits.



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Al Gore blasts offshore drilling

From Netroots nation in Austin Texas

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Al Gore’s Challenge

Dear Friend,

Al Gore just challenged the nation to take bold steps towards solving the climate crisis.

Global warming is an urgent, but solvable problem. That’s why I’ve joined the We Campaign, a powerful nonpartisan movement of concerned citizens that was founded by Nobel Prize Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. Join me and be part of history in the making today at http://wecansolveit.org.

We’re already more than a million strong — and growing each day.

Thank you!

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Mystery illness killing off Bats

I found this article in Scientific American…90% of the Bats in caves in New york are dead. First it was the bees not the bats. This should be news but I haven’t seen it anywhere have you? Anytime members of the food chain that I’m on too start disappearing I’d like to know about it wouldn’t you? CNN hello?



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Is this the America you want?

Get mad and get active…
Things you can do:
1. write a letter to the editor
2. call your congressman(woman) and/or senator
3. Join local organization(s) working for change
4. give money to non-profit groups trying to change things
5. Don’t rely on mainstream media…READ books and articles and websites
6. Don’t think it’s not going touch your world if you ignore it
7. Help wake up America talk to your friends and family
8. Read and understand the Constitution then fight anybody that tries to change it.

Cops Break Door, Nab Alleged Pizza Thief
Police Use Battering Ram to Break Down Door and Arrest Woman Accused of Snatching Pizza

Pregnant Woman’s Tasering Probed
FBI, Ohio Cops Investigate Nov. 18 Incident After Complaint Filed

November 28th, 2007
Blogger Fights for Free Speech in New Jersey
EFF Defends Critic from Local Government’s Heavy-Handed Tactics

TSA plan to gather more data protested

Global Warming: The Rich Opt Out

11-29-07: MOONSHINE AMERICA – Collapse of the “Trust Me” model
Election fraud (Tennessee included in this article)
Are they counting your vote in secret? Do you trust them?

Bombs Away?
Arms expert Scott Ritter says the U.S. plans to attack Iran. Metro Times asks why he’s so sure.
by Curt Guyette and W. Kim Heron

America’s Gulag Goes Before the Court
by Marie Cocco
Did you ever think that we would toture, lock people away forever without charges or trials, never know who, how many, where they were sent or what ever happened to them? We do that now. Some are even U.S. citizens. Welcome to the new America folks…

Black Friday Die Die Die
America’s most obscene shopping day meets its doom in an oily nightmare hell. All true!
by Mark Morford
and meanwhile we fight and claw each other in walmart to buy the next new electronic gadget

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Tennessee is ranked 43rd

According to Forbes magazine’s list of greenest states we are near the bottom. Al Gore we need help here at home-val

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