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2010 Womonwrites for Southeast Lesbian Writers

Dear Womonwriters,

Registration for spring 2010 Womonwrites is now open, and you can download the registration brochure, plus anthology information and “The Loop” (conference changes from this year’s Planners’ meeting) at http://womonwrites.wordpress.com. We expect to have the workshop information linked soon.

If you need these items mailed to you via the U.S. Post Office, please notify rose.norman@gmail.com . She’ll make sure your name gets on the snailmail list, which right now has only four names, although the Womonwrites master address list includes 122 women with no email addresses given.

Obviously, this online posting and email announcements saves Womonwrites a ton of money on copying and postage, so I hope you’ll use the online version if you can.

2010 Womonwrites Offsite Registrar

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Snow pictures from the farm!

The news says we got 5″ here. (Near Nashville) Roads too icey to drive and it’s going down to 9 degrees tonight so no thaw for another day or two. We’re fine. Try to find something to use for sledding down a hill tomorrow.

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Walking with the Butterflies

Taking an hour out of the day to walk with butterflies at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is just what is needed after the cold January we have had in Tennessee.

As it turned out there was a severe rain storm while we were there so what better place to get in out of the weather? I brought the camera and Emily and I took turns with it as we walked past beautiful plants, birds and yes butterflies.

They were flying free all around us as we walked and it’s supposed to be good luck if they land on you. I may not be very lucky but I got close enough to them to get some good pictures.

There was a koi pond with these bird sculptures in it and lots of fish swimming in it.

The building is climate controlled and even has roof shades that can be used in the summer to protect from the hot tropical sun. They were not needed this time as it barely made it to the 70’s. The week before was so cold in Key West that it almost broke the all time record getting down to the 40’s. People there don’t have heat in their homes so it’s really cold to them. We saw a lot of dead fish and some iguanas while we were there that couldn’t take the extreme drop in temperatures. For a brief time with the butterflies though it felt like summer.

We saw several species of small birds that also were flying free around us. I stopped to take a picture of this guy having his lunch.

It seemed everyone was eating and I was getting hungry too. Good thing the seafood festival was going on too. More on that later…A little oasis and a fun gift shop with EVERYTHING you could ever want with a butterfly on it…I say don’t miss the Butterfly Conservatory next time you’re in Key West. It’s really close to Pearl’s if you’re staying there Ladies…

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Special Notice from Olivia Cruises about helping Haiti

Dear Valerie,

The terrible disaster that hit Haiti this week has touched all of us. We, as individuals, always come forward at these times to make contributions and offer support. Now we can speak as one voice, joining together to help the people of Haiti.

Olivia is collaborating with the Red Cross in an historic effort to bring the LGBT community’s contributions to Haiti. Because we are now able to donate directly to the Red Cross as a group, our community’s efforts can be identified as such. By giving generously, and in a timely manner, we will be making a statement to the world that will have a profoundly positive impact.

The Red Cross is instrumental in the early response efforts critical to the survival of so many. Please click here and donate what you can to aid the people of Haiti. We know many of you have already contributed, but please consider an additional donation, in any amount, to this fund. Even ten dollars will make a big difference; Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and much of its capital city, Port-au-Prince, has been utterly destroyed by this disaster.

Olivia pledges to match the first $7,500 raised through this email. As an added incentive, the first five individuals who donate $7,500 or more will receive an Olivia trip for two. Those five people will each receive a balcony stateroom (category BA) for two on our Caribbean Sun Cruise (October 30-November 6, 2010). Because the staterooms will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, you must contact me directly before you contribute, so that I can confirm that the allotment has not been filled. Please also note that in order to be eligible, you must contribute the funds directly through this link.

Thank you in advance for participating in this effort to help the people of Haiti. We strongly urge you to forward this letter to your friends, so they may also donate to the LGBT Americans for Earthquake Relief in Haiti fund.

Even if you can’t donate today, will you help us get the word out widely about this new initiative by sending this note to your friends and asking them to pass it on to their friends? It is our intention to generate a groundswell of support for Haiti within the LGBT community.

If you’d like to read more about this historic partnership between Olivia and the Red Cross, click here.

We know that our community is always the first to give when there is a major disaster. Now we can make the statement together.

Much love and thanks,

Judy Dlugacz
for the entire Olivia staff

http://www.olivia.com 434 brannan st., san francisco ca 94107 (800) 631-6277

© Copyright 2010. The Olivia Companies, LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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It’s Back To Court In New Jersey For Gay Marriage | On Top Magazine :: Gay & Lesbian News, Entertainment, Commentary & Travel


via It’s Back To Court In New Jersey For Gay Marriage | On Top Magazine :: Gay & Lesbian News, Entertainment, Commentary & Travel.

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Mary Daily

Reprinted from Maize
Its a remarkable and significant moment in all our lives to mark the passing of perhaps our greatest scholar Mary Daly. So many of us have stories and things to say which I hope will unfold over the coming time. I last saw her at the Feminist Hullaballoo in Santa Fe two years ago. It was probably her last public event, and she wasn’t well but she was still as spikey and confronting and courageous and outrageous as always. A group of her oldest students from Boston College led by Emily Culpepper and Linda Barafaldi formed a support team and made her last years better organised and comfortable. Her legacy and her papers/archives are all in order I know and that is good, thanks to Emily. She died in Western Massachusetts on 3rd Jan 2010.
Mary was 81, born in 1928, worked and wrote and thought about the end of patriarchy all her life it seemed. She burst out of the cobwebs of the old catholic church in the 1960’s, having gone off to study theology in Friborg, Switzerland and attended some of the sessions of Vatican 2. I remember her describing the servitude of the women, of the fast revelations that followed, her writing The Church and The Second Sex, and then the great book Beyond God The Father. I first wrote to her back then, when I read that book, and we began our correspondence then. I finally met her in 1979 in Boston, went to her class at Boston College, stayed with her and Denise Connors at Newtonville for 2 weeks and we became life-long complicated friends, as she was with all her friends. She visited Australia in 1981, a tour which I organised with a collective of brave women. It was an exhausting and controversial trip which culminated in the public meeting in the Teachers Federation Hall in Sydney which could be described as a riot. Maybe now I can start to tell some of that story, there’s a thought. Maybe, because lots of the Mary Daly stories are very controversial. Her great book Gyn/Ecology was read widely in reading groups, had women up in arms and passionate like almost no other book of the 70’s period. For me the greatest of all the books is Pure Lust from 1983. Its time to revisit them all, and there are lots. There was also a great essay she wrote in a Quest journal from the late 1970’s which I still think is one of the best sources of her ideas. Her own theological roots went to Thomas Aquinas and she took him apart in a rad fem revisioning of the whole of western male thinking. Her work is still to be truly grasped I think, and will be over future time, interwoven with an understanding of her biography and experiences among women and her times. Its a monumental intellectual creative journey.
This was a huge life throbbing with ideas at the very edge of our thinking – that’s a lot to consider. There will be stories and gossip, reflections and laughs, for the remarkable achievements and legacy of the very complex very alive to the deep background world very much loved and honoured Mary Daly. I thank the spirits for her life and commend her to the galactic cows and to Stein and Woolf and the other women she can now hang out with in the spiral galaxies of the ancestors.- Suzanne Bellamy

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Nov 7th Old Time Coffee House


Hi everyone!
It’s been awhile but I’ve dusted off the cobwebs on the old guitar and plan to have tons of fun Saturday night at an old time coffeehouse to benefit Nashville’s gay community center Out Central. Jill Sissel & Liz Ficalora will be there and others perhaps too…If you haven’t visited Out Central this is the perfect time. Lots of people have put in a lot of work to make it a great welcoming space for everybody. Here’s the directions and a link for more info. Hope to see you there!
OutCentral is conveniently located at 1709 Church Street (between the Cafe at OutLoud! and Blu’s) in Nashville, Tennessee. Those travelling through the downtown area on I-65 should exit at Church Street. North-bound travellers should turn LEFT onto Church Street. South-bound travellers should turn RIGHT onto Church Street.
PARKING IS AVAILABLE on the street (pay before 6 p.m.) and behind OutCentral (free). After 5 p.m., visitors are also allowed to use the U.S. Post Office parking lot. DO NOT PARK in private lots, like the one located at 1717 Church Street. You will be towed 24/7. We are currently open only for Special Events and by Appointment.


Peace & Love,
valerie reynolds

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