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Ann Richard’s message true today

I always loved listening to Texas Governor Ann Richards. She spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention and her words are just as relevant in this election and a good reminder to all of us today. My thoughts today are with Texas, my old stomping ground, and those folks along the gulf who will not be sleeping tonight when the hurricane roars ashore.


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Ferndale elects first gay mayor

Ferndale elects first gay mayor
Catherine Jun / The Detroit News
FERNDALE — City residents Tuesday seated the first openly gay mayor in the city and the first elected in the state of Michigan.
With all precincts tallied, Craig Covey, an openly gay city council member for eight years, garnered 1,918 votes; his challenger, Thomas Gagne, had 1,602.
“We are showing the region a new way,” said Covey, 50, in an e-mailed statement claiming victory. “This city embraces diversity, smart growth, efficiency, bi-partisan compromise, and eco-friendly policies.”

Leaders in the gay and lesbian community viewed the win as a resounding message of acceptance.
“Wow, we’ve come a long way, baby,” said Susan Horowitz, founder of Pride Source and co-publisher of Between the Lines, a weekly statewide gay and lesbian newspaper.

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