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CES: Day 1

Thursday 5p.
There where tons of new innovative product launches such as Palm’s new Pre and webOS, LG’s wireless wristwatch phone with video chat and text messaging capabilities, NETGEAR’s Internet TV player and Panasonic’s world’s thinnest plasma TV. We spent today mostly looking at TV’s and Home Theater systems.

One interesting thing we came across was the Flat Wire. It’s almost as wide as duct tape and a bit thinner. It’s a conductive metal and you put it right on top of your drywall, mud and paint over it and it is your speaker wire, tv wire etc. No more fishing wires out of the walls…no more throw rugs to cover wires.

Streaming video and being able to download Netflix movies directly to your TV or bluetooth dvd player was another big showcase item. We watched some HD movies on 1080dpi sets and the resolution was wonderful. It’s got to be uncompressed to be that clear.

One such device is XstreamHD It not only delivers 1080dpi HD movies but it stores them too. It can stream multiple programs to different sets and has 3 tuners in it to catch survivor, the news and the L-Word all at the same time. (That is if they all are on at the same time…

Ok now this is the car for those completely addicted to their computers. It’s got wi-max capabilities so that means if your city offers free wimax internet (there’s a few that do) then you have internet in this car. You also can watch TV, plug in all your devices into the dash and generally do everything you do know in front of your desktop now. Late me make myself clear here…I DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE ON THE SAME ROAD YOU ARE ON IN THIS CAR!!!

3D TV at home is another biggie this year and we enjoyed sitting down and watching it a lot…my feet were killing me. TDVision Systems was one company we looked at and they are more on the software end of things. They are designing for dual core intel processors so I’m guessing they will be Mac compatible. You can learn more at their website.

another 3D company was TDVision Systems inc. This seemed more geared for the consumer. They offer two systems (cheaper/less resolution and more expensive/better picture) There’s a website to buy 3D movies that I didn’t know about too. It’s called the dejaview marketplace. These guys claim to have eliminated motion sickness and queasiness some have experienced with other 3D. Pure game no puke. Cool slogan 🙂


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