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Susan Sarandon’s Views on a McCain Presidency

…Sarandon is about to start work on the romantic period drama The Colossus, but with the presidential election campaign being heatedly contested, she also has bigger things to consider.

“If McCain gets in, it’s going to be very, very dangerous,” she says.

“It’s a critical time, but I have faith in the American people. If they prove me wrong, I’ll be checking out a move to Italy. Maybe Canada, I don’t know. We’re at an abyss.”

Read the article here

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Repubs don’t hold a candle to Denver

Well the party’s over…actually from what I hear it wasn’t such a party in St Paul/Minniapolis as it was in Denver. Denver was electric. There were Celebrities everywhere, progressive leaders in panel discussions all over downtown. free food and drink for the bloggers in the Big Tent
and that wasn’t even counting the “official” DNC events…and oh mile high stadium to top it all off. Hope that’s what was in Denver…Hope.

I came home from a whirlwind week and sat down in front of the TV to see what the repubs would do. John Bush…I mean John McCain…Mr Maverick guy didn’t speak much about what he could do to fix the problems we face…the war, the economy, the housing crisis, global warming, our standing in the eyes of the rest of the world, the corporate take over of just about everything, the loss of our constitutional rights, the privatization of everything once government owned, the broken corporate owned media, the military industrial complex and the rise of independent private contractors (ie; mercenaries), the lack of marriage rights for GLBT americans, the chance for accountability of the current law breakers in office, the end of corporate welfare and tax loopholes for the richest of the rich and on and on…

No, the repubs pretty much kept things to biography about McCain’s POW days and then he surprised everybody because he picked an unknown woman to be his VP. A bird’s eye view into his great decision making skills ain’t it? Don’t get me wrong…I’m a feminist and I’ve been one since the consciousness raising circles in the 70’s. Yup, I’m THAT old. And I’d like nothing better than to see a woman president in my lifetime…but she isn’t Hillary and she doesn’t have the credentials to be anywhere near that office. She’s a gimmic and she’ll be a heartbeat away from the presidency if we don’t get involved and make sure the election isn’t stolen. Anyone else signing up to be a poll watcher? I am. I’ll be calling my election office Monday morning.

John McCain is 73 years old and if you watch him stiffly walk out on stage the man is not shall I say…fit? Oh and he has had a history of cancer more than once. So as VP Miss Sarah oh, excuse me…Gov. Sarah…would need to keep her cell phone on at all times if you know what I mean…

She can read a good speech so she could step right in and be the perfect Manchurian candidate. A perfect puppet for those Neo-cons to carry on the lie. Completely moldable.

Check out www.therandirhodesshow.com for some background on the Alaskan Ice Queen. She’s a piece of work. Tell me Rove didn’t have a hand in this…I ain’t buying it.

Cheers campers! It’s going to be a wild 60 days until the election.

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Barack Obama’s Speech


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Wed. Morning Denver Update

I just sat down at a little outdoor cafe off the 16th st. mall to read some emails & eat. There was an early glbt session that I taped for youtube. Great info for activists including how Arizona succeeded in beating back the anti-gay marriage amendment and how to frame the argument. (any of them…how to use the language to win) This is something the Republicans have mastered unfortunately.

I Ran into the Editor of the Denver gay paper afterward and interviewed him for the next podcast. Also, last night I got a great one with Elizabeth Birch former head of HRC and producer of last night’s concert with Melissa. Great video for youtube there as well. Did I tell you I have a Susan Serandon sighting backstage at Melissa’s show? Cool…

At noon today is a glbt caucus that is open to public so I’m going to head over there. Anyone remember an activist that came to Nashville and spoke several years ago at pride by the name of Donna Redwing? I was so impressed with her back then and interviewed her on that trip when I was hosting Nashville’s Gay TV. Anyway, she’s here and we’re hopefully meeting up for an interview today or tomorrow. The GLBT community is really well represented at this year’s Democratic Convention.

Last night’s speach by Hillary was awsome and they held up the concert so we could all watch it on a huge rolldown screen. 2,000+ glbt people are ready for a new direction and it seemed clear to me that many have a strong affection for the Clintons, they are ready to follow her advise and get on the Obama bandwagon. I saw 3 women outside the event carrying Hillary signs. I have gaydar and it works very well. These women where NOT gay…I’ll bet a hundred bucks they aren’t Democrats either. Republican plants trying to stop the unification of the Democratic party….ain’t gonna work.

Here’s a little ditty from Cyndi Lauper’s show:
“listen to your momma…vote for Obama…
Don’t be insane…no more McCain”

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Podcast link from Denver

The first podcast from Denver is now up and you can listen here.

direct feed: feed://www.avalonfarmcast.com/avalonfarms/Podcast/rss.xml
In itunes type: avalonfarmcast

My sincere apologies to Dede with Babes around Denver as the first technical glitch of the week happened during our interview. I do hope we meet again and redo it. Please go check out her site.
Babes Around Denver

She worked so hard to put the event together and it was a smashing success from the crowd that I saw. Thanks again Dede. Email me anytime and we’ll try again for avalon farmcast if not here in Denver than via phone.

here’s the show details:
Show Notes:
This is the first podcast from Denver and includes interviews with GLBT folks attending the Unity ’08 party. Also, I ran into Brad from HRC in the The Big Tent a haven for bloggers this year. We talked about the HRC and what it’s doing during the Democratic Convention.

Be sure and check out blog posts from Denver at https://avalonfarmblog.wordpress.com

Show links:

blame the gays Tammy fowler
red,white & blues Holly Light
whatever it takes Julie Clark
give it everything you’ve got Holly Light

Peace & Love from Denver,

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Youtube Interview: anti gay leadership exposed

Hard to keep track of the hypocrisy? Here’s an easy way…

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sunday night recap

The excitement is building all over town. I have to say the police presence is quite high. Tonight we saw several of them searching flowerpots with flashlights up and down the pedestrian mall. Tom Haden addressed this very issue tonight at the PDA welcoming event.

He said they recieved 50 million dollars from homeland security and it’s obvious they are very well equiped and staffed. Is all this really needed? Did I ever think I would see this armed presence in America? No. Such a military state we have become.

The PDA session was inspiring.

Mimi Kennedy, Jim Hightower, Tom and others covered so many of the issues we are facing.

They reminded us of the work we must ALL do to bring real change to this country. To make it a place of peace, of equality for everyone, something we can all be proud of and feel a part of.

I had some technical problems with the audio but hopefully I got enough of it to share some of the message with all of you. Patiance is appreciated as I have much editing to do before I can upload. I go home (away from home) to try.

Emily flys home in the morning. I will miss her. History is being made this week and I am honored to be a tiny grain of sand in the midst of it all. I hope you enjoy my posts. I’ll leave you with a little visual from something Tom Hayden said tonight…

Your looking at a video of Obama’s two little girls outside in the grass. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal the White House lawn. Picture that America.

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