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Stories in the news

As I am sitting at the moment surfing the web here’s a few stories of interest I thought I’d flag…

Check out this special report from Reuters that covers gay marriage issues from several issues facing GLBT people. Immigration law, reforendums on the ballot in November, state by state gay marriage laws on the books, Reuters Special Coverage article on gay marriage.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was arrested in Minniappolis at the RNC. If you’re not listening to Democracy Now or watching it on TV check it out here.
Amy reports the stories the corporate owned media stations won’t or can’t report. After her experiences at the Republican Convention I’m sure her reports are going to be VERY interesting.

Donna Brazille was hit by pepper spray walking in to the Republican Convention

Thanks Jeff for the kind words….


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We are in the mile high city!

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Democrats Told To Include Gay Issues In Platform

By 365gay Newscenter Staff
08.02.2008 9:14am EDT
(Cleveland, Ohio) Democrats crafting the party platform were told Friday to include LGBT issues. (Read article here)

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AVALON FARMBLOG goes to Denver!

I just heard that I have a press pass to the BIG TENT in Denver during the Democratic Convention next month. Charging the camera for youtube videos and planning on how to get my gear into one bag for the airplane. (Carry 0n) I don’t want it twirling around on the turnstile in baggage claim without me. Scary…
It just so happens it is also my sister’s birthday and guess what? She lives near Denver!!!! Just try to find an empty hotel room that week. Dust off the couch sis ’cause I’m a ‘comin’! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS…VAL

Look for blogging here, podcasting at http://www.avalonfarmcast.com and video at http://www.youtube.com/avalonfarms

Here’s a description of my home away from home AKA: THE BIG TENT:

The Big Tent will be the place to be for new media journalists, bloggers, reporters, and non-profit leaders covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.
We’re creating a 9,000 square foot, two-story structure that will house the work space for journalists, bloggers and new media, a Digg Stage with prominent national leaders, as well as a Google Retreat with a YouTube kiosk where you can make your own YouTube videos. The Big Tent will be open throughout the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 25- 28.

In the New Media Lounge, your pass will be a ticket to to enjoy all the benefits of the blogger / new media lounge, including free WiFi, work space, television-coverage, as well as free food and drinks. And you get to hang out with some of the top bloggers, new media journalists, and non-profit leaders in the country.

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AVALON FARMBLOG going to the Democratic Convention

I’ve applied for press credentials inside the Pepsi Center however if I get them or not I still plan to go to Denver in August and report back to you from progresscon2008 Here’s a video on progresscon and what that’s about. -val

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