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Inside a geek world: The New Independent Media

This so surreal. The Governor of Massachusetts is sitting at the next table right now. He wondered into The BIG TENT for who knows what.

Seems there’s more happening around here than up the street in the “official” convention. I overheard a main stream media reporter complaining to her coworker that “these bloggers are getting more out than even our state blogger.”

Yesterday I stepped out to walk a few blocks to the starbucks. I was listening to Thom Hartmann’s show from Air America on my ipod. I glanced up and said hi to Thom Hartmann himself. He was in my ear and right next to me on the sidewalk walking away from the Big Tent.

om Hartmann and Arianna Huffington On the Digg Stage In The Big Tent

Thom Hartmann and Arianna Huffington On the Digg Stage In The Big Tent

When Emily was here over the weekend we observed this couple flagging a cab on the curb. Later I attended a panel sponsored by Air America and realized the couple we’d seen…the guy was Mark Green owner of Air America. He was sitting next to me in the front row.

Mark Green Owner of Air America Radio

Mark Green Owner of Air America Radio


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Podcast link from Denver

The first podcast from Denver is now up and you can listen here.

direct feed: feed://www.avalonfarmcast.com/avalonfarms/Podcast/rss.xml
In itunes type: avalonfarmcast

My sincere apologies to Dede with Babes around Denver as the first technical glitch of the week happened during our interview. I do hope we meet again and redo it. Please go check out her site.
Babes Around Denver

She worked so hard to put the event together and it was a smashing success from the crowd that I saw. Thanks again Dede. Email me anytime and we’ll try again for avalon farmcast if not here in Denver than via phone.

here’s the show details:
Show Notes:
This is the first podcast from Denver and includes interviews with GLBT folks attending the Unity ’08 party. Also, I ran into Brad from HRC in the The Big Tent a haven for bloggers this year. We talked about the HRC and what it’s doing during the Democratic Convention.

Be sure and check out blog posts from Denver at https://avalonfarmblog.wordpress.com

Show links:

blame the gays Tammy fowler
red,white & blues Holly Light
whatever it takes Julie Clark
give it everything you’ve got Holly Light

Peace & Love from Denver,

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Youtube Interview: anti gay leadership exposed

Hard to keep track of the hypocrisy? Here’s an easy way…

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Day Zero: I’m in Denver

By Marisa Richmond

Well, I’ve made it & I have survived the first full day.

I was taken to the airport this morning by my friend Mark, whose partner, Julie, usually cat sits for me.  My plane had several TN delegates including Congressman Lincoln Davis & House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh.  There were also delegates from NH & VA.  After I finally got to the TN hotel, I picked up my delegate package, which included up to date information, & lot of little gift, including a bottle of Jack Daniels.


I then met my 2 old friends, Tim & Debbie.  They drove me out to Golden to the Colorado School of Mines where Tim is a physics prof.  He & I finished out doctorates about 2 years apart at DC area universities.  We then went to Wheat Ridge to watch their youngest daughter play soccer.  Her team won 4-2.  After that, Tim dropped Debbie & me at the Convention Center for the Friends of New Orleans Welcome party.  The music was fabulous with several N.O. musicians, with Randy Newman & Marcia Ball being the 2 biggest names.  The noteworthy speakers were Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, & Dr. Howard Dean, DNC Chairman.  We tried to get photos with Nancy Pelosi when she arrived, but she was totlly surrounded by security & others clamoring to get near her.

From there, I went to a reception co-hosted by the Matthew Shepard Foundation & National Stonewall Democrats.  Vanessa Foster of Houston & I were the only transgender delegates there, but there were several other transgender activists present including Mara Keisling (NCTE), Lisa Mottet (NGLTF), Alex Darsinos (Transgender Law Center), & Dr. Dana Beyer of Maryland.

It’s been a long day, but things are now underway.  It begins tomorrow at 7:30 w/the TN breakfast sponsored by AT&T, and continues from there.

I am so tired….


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Sitting on a bench in 16th Street Mall

Well I decided I don’t need to sleep anymore until I get back home…just kidding…I think. Today Emily and I parked the rental car and took Denver’s RTD bus into the city. Much better choice with the traffic, lack of parking and crowds. We drove past the MSNBC stage where all the shows are broadcasted from here. I’d like to go by when Keith Obberman is recording his. Maybe Rachel Maddow can stop by before her new show starts in September. That would be a treat.

Our first stop was to visit the Green Frontier Festival and talk to some people about solar powered water purification systems, a solar house on display & other alternative energy booths. I talked Emily into interviewing while I shot some stuff for youtube about it. She’s studied all of it and knows what to ask. Look for them on my youtube page soon.

We were waiting for the Mall Shuttle and I saw two lone characters walking slowly up the sidewalk with a McCain sign. To each his own I guess. I know I would fight for his right to free speech but I wonder if he would fight for mine. Maybe there lies the difference. I will say over all, the people in Denver seem very friendly and helpful.

We wondered over to the BIG TENT at 3p and picked up my credentials and a wonderful little goody bag of gifts. Thanks guys. I’m sitting at starbucks at the moment going over everything with Emily and it’s nicer stuff than any conference either of us have been to.

Press Update at the BIG TENT

Press Update at the BIG TENT

Emily ran into this guy that was selling a deck of cards with gay closeted politicians that vote against GLBT FOLKS and then get caught walking on the wild side themselves. How I hate the hypocrisy. Look for my interview about it on my you tube page in a day or so.

Tonight is a panel discussion sponsored by The Nation Magazine and Progressive Democrats of America. Here’s some info about what’s happening there all week:
“…dialogue about the future of progressive politics–in the party and nationally–will be at its most adventurous and exciting at Progressive Central in the Central Presbyterian Church located at 1660 Sherman St. in downtown Denver.

Members of Congress, delegates, alternates and activists–including Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairs Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey, House Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers, environmental campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Global Exchange founder Medea Benjamin and dozens of others–will speak, debate, listen, learn and plot strategies for the future of progressive politics in America. “

Please check out Marisa Richmond’s blog posts from the convention floor. She’s flying in today so she’ll be giving us an inside look at things in the Pepsi Center. Cheers from Denver everybody! What a week ahead…

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this just posted…downtown Denver Sat. night

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Emily in front of The Big Tent...We made it!

Emily in front of The Big Tent...We made it!

Blogger haven for the next week...The Big Tent

Blogger haven for the next week...The Big Tent

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#5: On Joe Biden

By Marisa Richmond


Like millions of Americans, I placed my cell phone on my nightstand beside me when I went to bed last night, instead of leaving it in its customary spot in the kitchen.  I did so in the event that “the call” would come in the middle of the night.  Well, lo and behold, it did happen at 2:43 a.m., but instead of asking me if I was willing to be his running mate, Senator Obama was simply informing me that he had selected Joe Biden of Delaware instead.  While I feel that I am more than qualified to have a limo, mansion, attend funerals (I have been to two the last month alone), and even cast the occasional vote in the Senate, he decided to go with someone else.

Personally, I have always thought Joe Biden was an excellent Senator.  I have been especially impressed with his strong record on civil rights, as well as his knowledge on foreign affairs. 


This year, I am also concerned with every candidate’s stands on LGBT issues, and again, Joe Biden passes the test.  His support of the fully inclusive Hate Crimes bill, along with his historical support of the  Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), makes him acceptable.  Furthermore, he has long opposed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and he has consistently voted against the Marriage Discrimination Amendment. 


Another thing that has struck me about Joe Biden over the years is his commitment to his family and community.  While he could easily have found an apartment in the D.C. area, he chose to commute by train (not S.U.V….) from Wilmington every single day so that he could be back with his family.  That shows real character on his part.  After watching his speech this afternoon in Springfield, I feel confident that he will be both an excellent candidate and an excellent Vice President, and one who is more than able to step into the job should such an unfortunate circumstance occur.  


I did get out briefly today to run a few final errands before heading out west tomorrow.  This Wednesday would have been my parents’ 56th wedding anniversary.  Since I will be in Denver that day, I stopped by the cemetery where their ashes are located.  I could not help but think of how excited they both would be if they were alive for this historic moment.  When I worked at the 1980 Convention, they were almost as excited as I was, so I know they would be even more so given the special nature of this year’s nominee. 


After spending a few minutes with my parents, I made one more stop in the cemetery to say some words to an old friend, Christian Paige.  She was brutally murdered in Chicago in March 1996.  She was strangled, stabbed 35 times, and then burned by the perpetrator in an attempt to cover his heinous crime.  Christian is one of the many people we remember each November at our Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremonies around the world.  When she was taken from us so suddenly, I vowed then that I would do whatever I could, for as long as I could, to educate the world so that these sort of hate crimes would finally end.  We did get Hate Crimes into the Platform, but making sure people, including elected officials, understand the significance of that plank, and the need for a fully inclusive ENDA, which would show that all people, including transgender ones, have value in society, is part of that pledge I first made to Christian 12 years ago which I reiterated today.


This is my last post from Nashville before I fly to Denver in the morning.  From this point, my posts will occur daily from the Democratic National Convention.


When I get in tomorrow, I will meet two old friends (Tim and Debbie) whom I have not seen in at least eight years.  They will pick me up at the Tennessee hotel and take me to their girls’ soccer game, before they drop me off at the Colorado Convention Center for our first event, the Friends of New Orleans Party.  Last night, Wolf Blitzer said CNN will have coverage of the party, so you just might see me in the background.  I will be the one with a cocktail in my hand… 


And since I cannot promise that I will always be in a coherent condition when I am able to get on a computer, I cannot promise that future posts won’t have one or two grammatical errors. 


Look for me in the Mile High City on CNN, C-SPAN, or whatever network you choose.


I’m off to Denver!!!





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