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Myspace.com Blogs – A letter from Cyndi Lauper – Babes Aroun

A compelling letter from Cyndi about why she is voting for Obama and what we as GLBT Americans can do to move this country toward being a more just and inclusive society.

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HRC Rock To Win Part3: Backstage Press Conference

This was my first experience rubbing elbows with the paparazzi and it was an experience…
I had a very good shot of the action until this backstage guy jumped in front of me at the last minute. I had to practice my assertive gorilla shooting techniques to bring you this. It’s a jungle out there kids.
BTW, at the very end check out who’s hugging Melissa as she leaves….Susan Sarandon sighting!
Thanks again Brad for getting me backstage!

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Rock to Win Part 1: Cyndi Lauper

Here’s my first in a series of videos I shot at the HRC premier GLBT event: Rock to Win
Also, coming up on my next podcast is an interview with the former president of HRC Elizabeth Birch. I ran in to her out front before the show and she was gracious to offer me time for a great conversation. She produced the concert as well.


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