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Healthcare issue on a local scale

Emily & I went to dinner tonight. A local restaurant kind of a “meat & 3” we sometimes frequent for their delicious home made pie. The waitress is also the pie maker. She came over to our table and said, “sorry I didn’t make any pies this week…I found out my husband has stage 4 colon cancer.” She walked over to the register and picked up a picture of her 3 little kids to show us. Emily looked at her and said “how did you even come in here to work?” “I have to” she said, “we don’t have any insurance.”

How many times does this story play out in towns and cities across this country? Hard working people make do and get by until one catastrophic illness wipes them out. We think it’s ok to pool our resources via taxes for government run fire departments to put out a blaze in our homes but if something is attacking our bodies…well, we’re on our own.

There is a meanness out there that makes me sad. I’m sad for that woman and her family but I’m sad for our country too. I know we can do better. I want us to do better. Some people think we have the best healthcare system in the world. That may be true but I also know that the woman that makes my peanut butter pie doesn’t have access to it so it doesn’t matter to her how great it is. Millions of other don’t have access to it either. That’s not acceptable to me. How about you? Are you OK with it?


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Follow the Money: Tennessee & Election ’08

According to The Center for Responsive Politics (www.opensecrets.org) Republicans far out weight Democrats in Contributions from Individuals, Pac’s and “Soft Money” donations.

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BTW…this site is great for tracking whose spending what, which congressmen have left to become VERY rich lobbying, which issues are out in front and whose paying big bucks to push them through.
If you really want to know what’s going on in Washington bookmark this site in your favorites list and spend some time on it. -Val

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Bonnie Raitt & Move On team up to stop nukes…cool

Watch & Listen to the video then sign the petition OK? I did. It only takes a minute or two. -val

Subject: A new generation of nuclear plants?


I had to tell you about the energy bill that Congress is about to pass. Most of it is great–gets us more solar and wind energy and even makes cars more fuel efficient. But there’s one line in there that was added at the last minute that gives up to $50 billion for the nuclear industry. Enough money to launch a whole new generation of plants.

If you thought we had beat back nuclear power in the 70’s, you’re not alone. A bunch of musicians who fought nukes back then have picked up their instruments and started fighting again.

Click here to check out the music video and sign the petition:


Nukes present a real security threat and environmental hazard. We’ve got to get Congress to strip this money before they pass the energy bill.

So, pass this on!


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