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The Farm in Spring

Spring is my favorite season and it’s the busiest around here. Garden to prepare for planting, pasture in need of restoration, outbuildings need tending to after the windy winter we’ve had. Horse blankets need cleaning and or repairs and need to be stored for next year. Landscaping around our house always gets put on the bottom of the to do list but it really needs some work. My 4 tiny rose bushes just ain’t gonna cut it…

When I think of all the work to do my head spins but when I hear the Canadian geese returning and see the crocus popping up along the fence lines I can’t help but smile. Another cold winter is almost over and soon I will be working in T-shirts and shorts again. yeh!

Happy Spring!
Planting time here is around April 15th I’ll start some seeds indoors this week under light though. Can’t wait


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