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Natalie’s new doo

Could it be that Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks has discovered her inner self? She’s been through a lot and stood up for what she believed. Maybe she has evolved into her true self as a result and made some outer changes to match the inner ones. the transformation is so amazing.

From: http://www.tmz.com/2009/03/27/natalie-maines-sans-mane/


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Leahy: Investigate Bush Now

Vermont Senator calls for a committee “without an ax to grind,” to investigate the Bush White House. Personally, I plan to call or email Leahy to let him know I support this 100% HOW ABOUT YOU?
Here’s Leahy’s Contact info:




<a href=”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/02/09/leahy-investigate-bush-no_n_165227.html“>read more | digg story

Note: If you need a memory jog check out this site for a fairly comprehensive list of reasons to investigate the Bush Administration:

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Things are moving right along in this the third day of the new administration. This morning The President signed 5 executive orders including one that calls for the end of the use of torture. From this point forward in all interrogations the guidelines laid out in the Army field manual and the rules of the Geneva convention will be followed. Other orders signed today include one to close Guantanaomo Bay within a year and the establishment of a committee to decide what to do with prisoners at Guantanamo. The final executive order was specific to one detainee’s case. He’s high profile but I can’t remember how to spell out his name.

Special patriotic nods to everyone that spoke truth to power during the last eight years trying to stop the torture of prisoners. One such group was Code Pink also, World Can’t Wait and Radio Talk Show Host Randi Rhodes. Here locally The Nashville Peace & Justice Center worked hard to organize, protest and educate about this issue. There were many, many more. THANK YOU to all who did. You are all great Americans. I am proud of you. I am proud of us. I’m proud of America again.

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Gas lines in Middle Tennessee

A sight I remember in the 70’s when I fist started driving came back today and people waited to fill up their tanks all around Nashville. Deb and I drove to the co-op today to buy horse feed. On our journey we discovered that EVERY gas station in town was out of gas except one. The line of cars there stretched 25-30 cars at least.

We called our sweeties and gave them the “red alert!” I talked to Emily who found some regular gas at Costcos in town. She said the line was about 50 cars. Cosco people were passing out bottled water to drivers in line and making sure everyone had a costco membership card.

Deb talked to Brenda who said “old hickory doesn’t have a line I’ll go there…oh they have no gas.” She found some awhile later and both came home with 5 gallon cans too. My toyota is completely out in the driveway so I was glad she brought a little home.

According to local tv news the colonial pipeline that services Nashville (and new orleans, atlanta, memphis, chattanooga, & Knoxville) is from Houston and so we could be looking at shortages for a while. Where is our plug in solar car? Maybe I should train the horses to pull a cart.

UPDATE: We woke up to read on CNN’s website that it’s our fault…we panicked.As Emily so eloquently put it…BULLSHIT. Last night we read it was because 75% of capacity of the pipeline was gone from the Hurricane. Here’s what I KNOW. None of us had a clue about the problem until we drove by the gas stations. We are being manipulated again and the press is stepping right up to spin the “truth.” I predict Nashville isn’t the only city this is going to happen to.


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Great Women of Texas: Molly Ivans

No sheros list would be complete without a nod to Molly. I miss her. She made such great fun and sense out of politics. I used to read her column in our local paper in the morning out loud to Emily as we sat around the kitchen table drinking coffee. She could put things into perspective so quickly and have me holding my sides from laughter. Here’s a taste…It’s a speech she gave just before the 2004 election to students in pre-katrina New Orleans at Tulane. It’s pretty long so grab a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy…

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Ann Richard’s message true today

I always loved listening to Texas Governor Ann Richards. She spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention and her words are just as relevant in this election and a good reminder to all of us today. My thoughts today are with Texas, my old stomping ground, and those folks along the gulf who will not be sleeping tonight when the hurricane roars ashore.

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Supreme Court Rules Bush Exceeded His Powers

I found this L.A. Times article on Truthout.com By trying to stack the court he thought he’d have them in lockstep with him. Didn’t quite work out that way at least on this vote. Every time I see Republicans trying to back away from Bush I think of swimming lessons when I was a kid. Do you remember treading water backwards? I do and I was very good at it…better than my swimming in the forward direction. Anyway tread on Republican friends…the Constitution was written for you too. Now go out there and protect it…this Guy isn’t out of office…yet.

Supreme Court Rules Bush Exceeded His Powers
By David G. Savage
The Los Angeles Times

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Saying he does not have “unilateral authority” to force states to comply with an international treaty, justices vote 6-3 to reject presidential order to reopen cases of foreign nationals.

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A few Articles of Interest Here

Here’s an article I found in the Times about Trans…”When Girls will be Boys” check it out here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/16/magazine/16students-t.html?em&ex=1205899200&en=fa3092b6bb658df8&ei=5087%0A

In other news…Cheney is on an “Unannounced” visit to Iraq to try and force the Iraqi People to turn the oil over to the U.S. Oil Companies. I guess he figures they only have less than a year to steal it before the Dems take over. How many barrels a day between now and then would that be for Exxon and the rest? Wonder if he’s using thumb screws or just horse heads in the bed…

Iraqi Refugees: Life In The Shadows
One of my fellow progressive podcast network podcasters went over to Jordan for a different reason…to document stories of iraq refugees. Those suffering the results of this mess. Caught up in the horror of it all…
Check out his work and then pass the link on to others and/or blog about it…trying to help him spread the word…

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Let Congressman Wexler know you appreciate that he is working hard for accountability

Dear valerie,

Today, thanks in great part to your advocacy and persistence, the House of Representatives took a major, tangible step towards holding the Bush Administration accountable.

In a vote on the House floor, we acted to enforce the law and our Constitution, and hold former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten in Contempt of Congress.

my speech on the House Floor calling for contempt.)

Bolten and Miers have ignored congressional subpoenas for nine months and thumbed their noses at Congress and the American people.

Executive privilege has never permitted officials to avoid appearing altogether when subpoenaed. This behavior is unprecedented and outrageous.

Now, these two renegade officials must face up to their blatant disregard of the law and constitution.

Our message of accountability for Bush/Cheney is finally resonating on Capitol Hill.

Judiciary Chairman John Conyers fought hard to bring this to a vote, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself took the floor to support contempt.

While Democrats may not all agree on how to press this Administration, one thing is clear:

Today, Congress has asserted its rights under the Constitution.

We must not back down.

We must never cede the rights of the Congress to the Executive.

I am pleased to inform you that today’s legislation allows Congress to bypass the Attorney General (who has stated to me this week that he would not enforce contempt) and immediately take action in the courts.

Confronting the Attorney General on contempt last week.

Today, Congress finally defended the Constitution and our rights as an equal branch of government.

Yours truly,

Congressman Robert Wexler

Please donate here

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Ancient Artifacts also destroyed in War

Something I don’t hear talked about much about Iraq has to do with antiquities lost. Maybe to some it’s because it doesn’t seem appropriate to worry about stuff when so many innocent lives have been lost. I think too it’s because most Americans don’t have a clue what has been destroyed.


Close your eyes for a minute and pretend in your mind that the Iraq war wasn’t in Iraq. Pretend for just a minute that instead the exact same thing had happened in Egypt. Then imagine all the loss of lives both innocent civilians, local fighters and American soldiers. Then imagine how you would feel if I told you that in addition to the human toll, the sphinx and the 3 pyramids at Giza were all gone. Not only that but sitting where one of the pyramids once stood for all those thousands of years was now a burger king. The burger joint put there so our soldiers have a little comfort from home.

I just finished reading Nemesis by Chalmers Johnson, the third book in a trilogy focusing on the American empire. Empire is not something that I thought we were about here in the good ole USA but these days apparently that is what our fearless leaders are striving for. Johnson goes in depth into the rise and eventual fall of the Roman Empire and the similarities are obvious. Can you say Military Industrial Complex? For early warnings about how this could prove to be our downfall see President Eisenhower’s final farewell speech.
I think he knew a little about the subject being a four star general and all.

Getting back to the loss of the artifacts let me just say that they go back a very very long time. Biblical references to Iraq called it something else…Mesopotamia. Another empire named it Iraq…The British Empire. That Empire didn’t fair to well either as I recall. What we now know as Iraq is where written language may have been first recorded. A million books, clay tablets and scrolls are now gone. Thank George Bush. Rumsfeld didn’t provide for any protection of the museums during the invasion and they were all looted or reduced to rubble or both. When asked about it he said something like “stuff happens…it’s war.” Maybe when this nightmare is all over Bush could donate a few copies of My Pet Goat to Iraq to put on the empty shelves of their new library. (In this infamous video the secret service whispered to Bush about the planes hitting the World Trade Center while he sits there for 7 minutes reading my pet goat to this class)

I know it’s just stuff but when stuff like that manages to survive thousands and thousands of years and then it’s the age that I’m living in that finally destroys it that makes me very sad. For historians, archeologists and scholars I’m sure it makes them very very sad. For the people in Iraq I think they are going to be very very pissed off someday when they get on with living after losing their countrymen, women and children and figure out the extent of what else has been destroyed. The only reason they haven’t yet is they’re still too busy just trying to survive.

The repercussions from this war are yet unseen but one thing not being discussed is returning any found artifacts to the people of Iraq. Several thousand items from the museums we didn’t protect during the invasion have all ready started to turned up in countries around the world including the U.S. I hope the next president takes this issue under consideration and helps return these items as they are found back to the Iraqi people where they belong. National treasure as well as natural resources belong to the people where they are from. One of the reasons countries protect their boundaries is to protect these treasures and resources from plunder. If and when we put any thought into helping put their country back together again I hope some effort is put into stopping illegal trade in these ancient artifacts and in returning them to the place where they belong…in Iraq.

When the ancient Buddha statues where destroyed by the Taliban a few years ago the world was outraged. Read Chalmers Johnson’s book Nemesis and you will be too. One more thing your not hearing about in the U.S. media.

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