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Sat NEM: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Protest & Memorial

I will be adding to this post later so be sure and check back. Emily & I arrived at the Congressional Cemetery minutes before Cleve Jones did and got a few picture of both him and Army Lt. Dan Choi. They were all very sweet to pose for a picture. The others I’m not sure who everyone is so if you do and have time to comment or drop me an email avalonfarms@hughes.net so I can post names that’d be great.

Leonard Matlovich was the first to volunteer to fight the military’s ban on gays. Here’s is his grave where after the memorial service they were laying a wreath.




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Friday Night Welcome Reception

Emily and I went last night over to Halo’s Lounge. This was THE place to be I think as people were coming and going and it was packed inside. halo lounge1
halo lounge2
halo lounge 3

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Snow here in Tennessee

Seems winter is not over here in the music city and surrounding counties. My black lab elvis isn’t so black right now…


elvis closeup

Here’s a shot of it coming down this morning out the kitchen window.

I’m waiting for it to slow down so i can go get a load of hay. Don’t know if I’ll make it out today or not. Still coming down pretty good. This all may not seem like news to you up north (ya yankees you) aahya…aahya…you know who you are…
This is the first real snow this year for us. Kids get out of school and there’s over 100 wrecks in nashville area. We just don’t deal with this shit very well down here. Kind of funny…I grew up in New England. The grass isn’t even covered but we’re “snowed under” down here in the south.

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