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Rachel Maddow sighting!

Today I spent most of the afternoon listening to panal discussions upstairs in the big tent. Air America sponsored 3 of the sessions with even a quick visit from Rachel Maddow.

She introduced the first group before scurrying off to her new digs at MSNBC. She will, by the way, be keeping the radio gig in addittion to having her own show on TV. I think it starts September 8th and will follow Keith Obberman. As someone said today the number of progressives on television has been rapidly increasing lately and has now gone from 1 to 2…

Gotta go get some rest so I think (and write)


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Rachel Maddow Replacing Dan Abrams On MSNBC Effective Immedi

Air America Radio Host Has a New TV Show on MSNBC

Air America Radio Host Has a New TV Show on MSNBC

Rachel Maddow will replace Dan Abrams as host of the 9PM hour on MSNBC, the New York Times’ Bill Carter reports.

Just last month in a Times article by Jacques Steinberg, MSNBC president Phil Griffin declared Maddow “at the top” of a “very short list” for those who should have their own show,

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Mad for Rachel Maddow

Great profile of Maddow
This is a great story and she is one of my favorite radio/tv news & opinion on air people. I started listening to her on Air America a few years ago. Here’s a few things I’ve learned about her…
She has a PHd and is a Rhodes Scholor…(translation: she’s smart as crap)
She’s an open lesbian & her partner’s name is Susan
They are from the North Hampton area of Massachusetts (Or have lived there at some point)
She’s really funny
She can go head to head with these super right wing-nuts any day of the week.
She has a blog in addtion to her daily radio show and tv appearences
She’s pretty darn cute…take a look

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Knowledge is Power

In Nashville my access to progressive, liberal and alternative news is only the Internet & reading. AM WLAC and FM 99.7 (Both talk formats) are conservative. A few progressives get air time on low power fm or college radio. My favorite…AIR AMERICA I download from the internet the next day. I’m a day late but at least I get it. Since I’m on a farm in the country my Internet choices are slim too. Most of our neighbors here are still on dial up so downloading podcasts is not an option. I guess they could buy XM radio but I’m sure many of them have no idea what that is.

I have to work to get my information. Many people in my situation are completely in the dark…AND THEY WILL BE VOTING. Their decisions will be based on “facts” they have learned from right wing media outlets. It is up to all of us to engage them in conversations and talk about the issues. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors. My mother used to say: “don’t talk about politics or religion.” If we follow that rule and stay silent about what we know is true in America today we will lose in the political arena and the religious right (and multi-national corporations) will gain an even firmer foot hold in our government.

I harp on the problems with our media a lot and here’s why…I don’t think we’re going to have a democracy much longer if we don’t fix it. I don’t think, as GLBT people, our chances are very good in a fascist dictatorial system. As gay people, we’re worried about issues like marriage…that might seem trivial to us if we’re worried about just being able to survive. In Iran for example gay people are executed. In Nazi germany gay people wore the pink triangle in the death camps along with the Jews. We have a pretty big interest I’d say in keeping the promise of America alive.

The foundation of a free society is information…a free press. In 2006 we ranked 53rd in the world

according to the government’s own website
In a democracy the press should operate free from governmental control. Democratic governments do not have ministries of information to regulate content of newspapers or the activities of journalists; requirements that journalists be vetted by the state; or force journalists to join government-controlled unions.”

George A. Krimsky/The Role of the Media in A Democracy said:
“A self-governing society, by definition, needs to make its own decisions. It cannot do that without hard information, leavened with an open exchange of views. Abraham Lincoln articulated this concept most succinctly when he said: “Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe.”

When you hear right wingers talking about the “liberal media” I hope you read the following report. (keep in mind this is an election year) It shows you what we’re up against…the reality of the talk radio market these days. Also, when it comes to a free press I just read a few other related items:

The Air Force is blocking internet access to service people (any site that has the word “blog” in it…I guess they won’t be reading mine…) If it ain’t corporate owned mainstream media they ain’t gettin’ it. Gotta make sure the gatekeepers only give ’em what they want them to hear. Of course Rush is on armed forces radio…

In this country… 60 minutes finally picked up on the story last week about the former Governor from Alabama in Prison but when they aired the segment Sunday the Mississippi station that reaches northern alabama suddenly had “technical difficulties” and went dark ONLY during that segment.

If you want to learn more about what’s up with the U.S. media go to www.mediamatters.org
If you want to know what you can do about it go to www.freepress.org They could use whatever time or money you can offer. I did a podcast from their convention last year. There was a handful of gay people there. One afternoon session discussed GLBT people and how we’re portrayed in the media. We should have a whole contingent there this year along with representatives from GLADD and HRC. Every election year we are used as the “hot button issue” to get the religious right out to the polls. It’s time we rolled up our sleeves and flicked our boas and found our place at the table too.

here’s the report on talk radio…
As this report will document in detail, conservative talk radio undeniably dominates the format:
Our analysis in the spring of 2007 of the 257 news/talk stations owned by the top five commercial station owners reveals that 91 percent of the total weekday talk radio programming is conservative, and 9 percent is progressive.
Each weekday, 2,570 hours and 15 minutes of conservative talk are broadcast on these stations compared to 254 hours of progressive talk—10 times as much conservative
talk as progressive talk.
A separate analysis of all of the news/talk stations in the top 10 radio markets reveals that 76 percent of the programming in these markets is conservative and 24 percent is progressive, although programming is more balanced in markets such as New York and Chicago.
This dynamic is repeated over and over again no matter how the data is analyzed, whether one looks at the number of stations, number of hours, power of stations, or the number of programs. While progressive talk is making inroads on commercial stations,
conservative talk continues to be pushed out over the airwaves in greater multiples of hours than progressive talk is broadcast.
link to full report

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Rachel Maddow on Air America

Rachel Maddow
The Rachel Maddow Show – Airs Live 6-8 P.M. Eastern

Rachel Maddow is the host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Air America Radio. It airs Monday-Friday 6-8PM Eastern on Air America affiliates coast-to-coast, online at airamericaradio.com, and on XM Satellite Radio.

Rachel has a doctorate in political science (she was a Rhodes Scholar) and a background in HIV/AIDS activism, prison reform, and other lefty rabblerousing. She shakes a mean cocktail, drives a bright red pickup, hates Coldplay, loves arguing with conservatives, spends a lot of money on AMTRAK tickets, and dresses like a first-grader.

She is 33 years old and lives in New York City and rural Western Massachusetts with her partner, artist Susan Mikula.

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Randi Rhodes speach in Detroit last weekend

I wanted to embed the video here but can’t figure out how this morning…too early…not enough coffee.
Please click on the link and sit back and listen to her bring all the points together in one speach why we must start hearings and start the impeachment procedures against Cheney, Bush and anyone else in this administration that has ripped our constitution to shreds intheir quest for power, money and oil. They have tried to change our whole system so that war IS the new economy. They continue to break government everyday so they can replace it with private companies. They Torture in our name, they spy on us, they “disappear” American citizens, they attack countries that are not a threat to the U.S. and then occupy them stealing their resources. and on and on…

Randi can present the case for impeachment better than anyone I know. Listen and pass it on…

Randi Rhodes ( Air America ) Addressed The 50th Anniversary party of PEACE ACTION of Mich. nov 11 2007. Her speech ” WE BELIEVE ” was received with standing ovation after standing ovation and her thoughts are shared thru out the peace now & forever community.

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Randi mugged?

any one reading my blog for long knows who my favorite radio goddess is. i’ve been a listener of her’s for a long time. I just went to her site and found out what happened to her. I’m stunned by this. We love you Randi. Get well.


update: Randi is on the air right now but my crappy satellite connection is acting up and i only heard bits and pieces. From what I gather she was hurt really badly, teeth are knocked out and she was severly traumatized but “will recover.” She’s pissed at press and the fact that no one even asked if she was alright. She’s shocked that stories are going around that crazed right wingers are behind it. There was a story on my blog about the incident I had put up last night. At the time it was all I could find on the web anywhere. I took it down because after listening to her it may be bunk. I don’t want to help spread gossip. When I download her show tonight and try to find out what happened from her. I don’t think she knows who did it.

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