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Organic gardening, canning, favorite summer recipes, 101 ways to keep pests out, fencing for deer. If it has to do with digging in the dirt and growing things (houseplants too) you found the place! Home grown “for sale” notices welcome too

digging in the dirt

Today I finished mulching the strawberry & asparagus bed. The garden is coming along and I was thinking tonight how good it is to be digging in the dirt again. It rained this afternoon so I had to quit and come inside. It’s good for the peas I planted a few days ago. I’ve planted 3 types of peas: snow peas, alaska peas and english peas. I have to build something in the beds for them to climb on. In the past I’ve used river cane poles tied together but I’m thinking of trying some wire fencing this year.

I’m watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and she’s talking about the “Tea Bag Protests.” Looks like some Ron Paul folks are getting on board but mostly it’s supported by right wing billionaires and covered heavily by FOX news. Dick Army is behind it too. They seem to have ignored Obama’s middle class tax CUTS. weird.
Speaking of taxes…time to mail them off kids. Am I going to see you on the local news at 11:55p 4/15?

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Family Time

Our daughter Jennifer came home from college and we enjoyed an easter brunch downtown. I ate way too much but it was really good. She’s about a half a year from graduating and her excitement about the future is infectious. So many dreams & and ambitions…so much talent. She’s getting some good advise from teachers and students ahead of her already venturing out. She wants to act and getting enough experience under her belt to get an equity card is her first goal. She seems happy and in her element these days. It makes us feel good to know she’s doing ok and pursuing her dreams.

I worked in the garden for a few hours when we got home. Planted some snow peas and english peas. Cleaned out between some of the raised beds and put newspaper and mulch down. Trying to keep the summer weeds from taking over. as things start coming up i’ll surround them with straw which will help some too. still have to weed but not as much. more work now for less work later…

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The Farm in Spring

Spring is my favorite season and it’s the busiest around here. Garden to prepare for planting, pasture in need of restoration, outbuildings need tending to after the windy winter we’ve had. Horse blankets need cleaning and or repairs and need to be stored for next year. Landscaping around our house always gets put on the bottom of the to do list but it really needs some work. My 4 tiny rose bushes just ain’t gonna cut it…

When I think of all the work to do my head spins but when I hear the Canadian geese returning and see the crocus popping up along the fence lines I can’t help but smile. Another cold winter is almost over and soon I will be working in T-shirts and shorts again. yeh!

Happy Spring!
Planting time here is around April 15th I’ll start some seeds indoors this week under light though. Can’t wait

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Eaton’s Creek Organics in Today’s City Paper!

tana.jpgThat’s so cool Tana!

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Links to finding Local food, seeds and garden info

victory garden poster

Barbara Kingsolver’s site with great links to finding local growers:

Networking community online

seed & plant exchange networks

Southeast seeds & heirloom seeds

Grocery Store with an “A” rating

The Better World Shopping Guide

The biodynamic farming guide website

Middle Tennessee:


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Thinking about my garden

This time of year I’m thumbing through my seed catalogs and dreaming about vegetables. My garden plot calls to me when I go feed the horses and these global warming induced days of 65 degrees in january are no help. It feels like spring around here even though my mind knows it’s the “dead of winter.”

I am totally absorbed in this wonderful book which isn’t helping either. Barbara Kingsolver who wrote another great book called The Poisonwood Bible has written a new one. It’s all about her family giving up big box store and fast food eating and choosing instead to eat what grows local in their county and/or from their own farm. Eating what is in season instead of buying stuff that has been shipped half way around the world.

Not only are her descriptions so wonderful of her personal experience in agriculture and nutrition but she is keeping it going via a website:

I’ve ordered a few things to start indoors because I know “the real spring” is just around the corner…

We wish you a bountiful harvest
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Arkansas Little Leaf H-19 CUCUMBER, PICKLING 2g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Basil, Dark Opal HERB / NATIVE PLANT .15g seed

Black-Seeded Simpson LETTUCE .5g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Buttercrunch LETTUCE .5g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Little Marvel PEA, ENGLISH 57g seed

Golden Self-Blanching CELERY .5g seed

Roma VF TOMATO .16g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Amish Paste TOMATO .16g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Principe Borghese TOMATO, DRYING .16g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Delicious TOMATO .16g seed

Homestead 24 TOMATO .16g seed

American Flag (Broad London) LEEK 3g seed

Early Wonder Tall Top BEET 5g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Chantenay Red Core CARROT 3g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Granex – hybrid ONION, DRY BULB 1g seed

Dill, Bouquet HERB / NATIVE PLANT .75g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Chamomile, German HERB / NATIVE PLANT .35g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Oregano, Greek HERB / NATIVE PLANT .05g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Rosemary HERB / NATIVE PLANT .1g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Thyme, German Winter HERB / NATIVE PLANT .2g seed, USDA Certified Organic

Here’s a great site to find local meat & produce. Just type in your zip code!

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Buy local, Buy organics

To order call or email

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