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According to Emily, she’d like to be reincarnated as a lesbian’s pet. I keep telling her she already is one…This is the place to brag on your favorite pooch, share tips on herding cats, sell your homegrown hamster and sing about your funny little bird! Free to a good home announcements welcome here.

A few animals in need of homes

I ran into a guy today at the peace and justice center that has a dog he can’t keep. He’s either looking for someone to foster it and he’ll pay expenses or he’ll give it up if it’s a good home. He says the dog is super smart, been on tv for finding it’s way home miles away once. it looks like a mini german shepard. email doug if interested. sounded like a really sweet animal. He just moved here from florida and going through some stuff so had to rent anything he could find quick…no pets allowed there. email:

One of our boarders has a horse looking for a home. eighteen or so and off the track. Was run down when she got here but happy, eating well and getting better. I think she’s giving it away. email me and i’ll put her in touch with you for more info-val at


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Michael Vick and dog fighting

Please take a moment to sign a petition to Nike, asking them to drop their sponsorship of Michael Vick, who was indicted last week on dog fighting charges.  Witnesses say that Vick and his friends not only fought pit bulls, but they also killed the “losers” in horrible ways.  

There is a link here to a short petition asking Nike to drop Michael Vick.  They produce a T-shirt that calls him a “hero for children”, and they produce and sell his line of shoes.  In their favor, they DID just decide not to produce a new line, but they still make money off the old ones.  (click on the Vick link)

Please ask Nike to cut their ties to Michael Vick.  The publicity from the trial will help bring attention to pit fighting, which can only be a good thing, but if Vick loses his endorsements, it will have a bigger impact on the teens who buy his products.

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Homeless dogs

A friend called yesterday to tell me that he was at the Y, and there were two white pit bulls hanging around, “trying to get in the pool” (to drink).  He said the folks at the Y had been chasing them off for several days, but they kept coming back.  He knows I’m involved in pit bull rescue, and thought I could come pick them up.

Many people would have thought, “Oh, no!  More dangerous dogs!”  My first thought was, “More dogs in danger”.  When I see a dog roaming the street, I feel sorry for it, and hope that it finds a good home (or gets back to its home) quickly and safely.  When I see a pit bull roaming the street, I want to stop and snatch it up. 

Why?  Because pit bulls are the most abused dogs on the planet.  It would be very rare for someone to pick up a Collie or a Lab specifically to torture it, breed it for profit, or sell it to some dog-fighter.  Someone who picked up any other dog breed would probably do so for humane reasons.  People who pick up pit bulls usually don’t.

We had two legit pit rescues in Tennessee.  The one in Memphis closed its doors this Spring because, like so many rescues, it depended on the energy and resources of one woman.  When her own dog was diagnosed with cancer, she couldn’t give him the attention he needed and continue to devote time to the rescue.  The rescue in Cookeville is still functioning, but again, it’s one woman and a few foster homes, so its existence hangs on a thread.

I can’t bring home any more dogs.  There is no pit rescue organization that isn’t already over-full.  Pits are popular dogs for all the wrong reasons, so they are bred frequently and often wind up in horrible situations.  Many animal control agencies euthanize them immediately because they know they can’t find loving, responsible homes for “that kind of dog” or because they fear the liability of adopting out “that kind of dog”. 

Thousands of dogs die every day, through starvation, abuse, euthanization…  I can’t save any of them.  I couldn’t save those two white pit bulls.  What I can do is tell my friends to NEVER buy a dog, but to adopt one instead.  I can give money to organizations who actually spend it on the animals, and not on a political agenda.  I can campaign against back-yard breeders who sell pups on the side of the road.  I can volunteer at an animal shelter.  I can write my elected officials and ask them to support legislation against puppy mills and dog fighting. 

If you, too, take a few minutes of your time, you can make a difference in the life of one dog.  If we all did just that much, thousands of dogs would live the way they were intended:  happy, healthy, and loved.

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… and dog fighting, and all kinds of other animal cruelty, as it turns out.  Here’s the link to the Humane Society’s webpage.  While I wouldn’t donate money to the HSUS, they do keep their finger on the pulse of animal issues — that’s where most of their money goes.

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BARK magazine

Let me start by saying that I love this mag.  It’s got lots of good articles, including, this month, a couple on the pet food recall.  There’s also some info on making your own dog food, with links. 

I have to say I’m a little biased in my preference for BARK, because they are definitely an equal opportunity dog mag.  There are always pics of pit bulls, ads with pits in them, book reviews that feature pits, etc.  Of course there are other kinds of dogs, including mixed breeds (the best of both worlds).   However, in a society where pits are “the devil”, this mag reveals them for what they really are — the best dogs on Earth.  🙂


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Dogs in the Woods, Part 2

Terry and I took the dogs to the woods on Friday, for the long weekend.  We had no sooner let them out in the campsite than Terry started yelling, and I had to scoop Mackie and Sadie back into the car.  Cinder (the littlest) was running in wide circles around Terry and wouldn’t come, and Misha thought Terry was yelling at her, so she was crouched down in the leaves and wouldn’t come, either.

Turns out that a deer had parked her fawn in our campsite, and Sadie and Mackie had found it.  Terry saw them almost immediately, pushing the baby with their noses.  For those of you who don’t know, momma deer leave their babies at dawn, and go to graze for the day.  They return at dusk to feed the baby and move it to another location.  Since fawns have no scent, they don’t attract predators.  Our dogs literally fell over this one.

In addition to their protective coloring, fawns also WILL NOT MOVE once their mom has parked them.  They will lie perfectly still, hardly blinking or breathing, until mom returns.  This behaviour probably evolved because the ones who moved got eaten — there’s no way a fawn can outrun a predator.  Their best defense is to remain absolutely motionless and quiet.

 After Terry determined that the fawn was unhurt (except for a little dog spit), I was able to get Cinder and Misha into the car with the other two dogs.  We all went to walk in the creek and then took the dogs home.  They were a little disappointed that their weekend had been ruined, but we couldn’t take a chance that they would harm a fawn…  Even though the momma deer had moved the fawn by the time we returned to the campsite, the bitty baby was still out there somewhere, and the dogs would probably have found it again… or another one like it.

I wish I had pics.  The fawn’s hair was still “wavy”, meaning that it hadn’t straightened out from being in the womb.  It’s little head was smaller than a softball.  It was probably less than 24 hours old.

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Dogs in the Woods

Terry and I took the dogs to the woods yesterday, which we do a lot in the Summer, so we could play in the creek.  The dogs are always pacing and panting in the car on the way to the Farm, and then snoring and twitching on the way back.  🙂  They have such a good time, but yesterday the humans were paying close attention to the fur-kids.  The creek was up, and though the water was clear, the current was a little much from spot to spot. 

Our biggest dog, Sadie, loves to fish, and she’s a very strong swimmer, but we were poised to jump in after her a time or two.  Our littlest dog, Cinder, has her own life vest, but she got carried in-arms a lot anyway.  The two middle dogs, Mackie and Misha, were very careful, working their way along the bank, judging the depth and current, and only venturing out if they thought it was safe to cross. 

Terry and I didn’t have much time for fossil-hunting because we kept such a close eye on the dogs, but the weather was gorgeous and everybody came home tired and happy.

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