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According to Emily, she’d like to be reincarnated as a lesbian’s pet. I keep telling her she already is one…This is the place to brag on your favorite pooch, share tips on herding cats, sell your homegrown hamster and sing about your funny little bird! Free to a good home announcements welcome here.

Seven pit pups need homes…

My friend Jodi runs the only pit bull rescue in Tennessee, located in Cookeville.  This past week, she was instrumental in saving seven “blue” pit pups that were dumped on the side of a road.  She has moved the pups into a temporary foster situation, but of course they will all need long-term fosters and/or permanent homes. 

I’m going to try to upload a pic of their little “jail-bird” selves, from the shelter, before Jodi got them.  Only six of them show at the gate.


“Blue” is that lovely steel grey color that dogs, cats and horses come in.  It’s just beautiful, but if blue doesn’t do it for you, adopt a dog in a different color.  They all need love and comfort. 

If you know of anyone who is interested in helping with homes, paying the vet bills, or supplying funds for food, please contact me at

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Snow here in Tennessee

Seems winter is not over here in the music city and surrounding counties. My black lab elvis isn’t so black right now…


elvis closeup

Here’s a shot of it coming down this morning out the kitchen window.

I’m waiting for it to slow down so i can go get a load of hay. Don’t know if I’ll make it out today or not. Still coming down pretty good. This all may not seem like news to you up north (ya yankees you) aahya…aahya…you know who you are…
This is the first real snow this year for us. Kids get out of school and there’s over 100 wrecks in nashville area. We just don’t deal with this shit very well down here. Kind of funny…I grew up in New England. The grass isn’t even covered but we’re “snowed under” down here in the south.

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Vick’s pit bulls go to their new lives

 This was on the Comcast home page this morning. Many of the dogs went to the rescues and foster homes that will love and train them until their forever homes are found.  Such lucky dogs — most seized pits are euthanized immediately because they “can’t be trusted”.  That these dogs were evaluated and given a chance at normal lives is just incredible… and rare.

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Our little old kitty…

… Silkwood, was euthanized last week.  She was 19 years old, and had been in poor health for a while.  We had gone out of town for 3 days, and when we returned, the pet sitter reported that Silky had been peeing around the house.  That’s usually a sign of a kidney infection, so we took her in the night we got back.  They pulled some blood and urine, but told us she had lost a pound in six weeks, and she was only 6.5 lbs in the first place. 

That night, she peed on herself, so the next morning we took her in for the last time.  Her quality of life had deteriorated quite a bit.  The arthritis in her hips and back made walking very painful, even with pain meds twice a day.  She’d looked so sad lately, and we knew her time was short.

 Even knowing that she’d be happier out of her body, and that she’d come back in a new, healthy, young body, it was very hard to let her go.  Part of it was just missing her little tottering self around the house, and part of it was…

That she was the fourth cat we’ve lost in twelve months.  Little fluffy Trudie died of intestinal blockage (despite surgery) last November, after eating quite a bit of thread.  We didn’t know what the deal was until it was too late. 

Derek and Neo were killed in July by a dog, in our yard, next to the house.  Thankfully, it was a quick death, and Derek had been in poor health for quite a while.  He was ready to go.

And then Silkwood.  Seems like this year has been hard on everyone, one way or another.

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Local Artist Doris Wood

Emily and I have one of Doris’s originals hanging in our living room at the farm. We are blown away by the talent she has. Thankfully for me she chooses horses sometimes as her subjects. check out her site on my space.
Doris Wood
I have been drawing portraits since I was a kid. I work on commissions to produce the most beautiful, spirited life like portiats I can. I like to capture the spirit of my subject human or animal and even that special home you love. I would like to meet other artist or artist lovers. My goal is to network with the possiblities of attracting work for myself as an artist. If you have been looking for an artist to capture that special Portrait then hopefully you will have to look no further. I do not work in wet mediums except when I paint murals. I work in Graphite, Pastels and Colored Pencils. Contact me for more information on prices all I need is a very good photo which will be returned you can save as a TIff format. Prints are available on all displayed art images. Images are original to the artist all work is copyright protected 2007

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Loving pup needs a home

revlon.jpg   I’m going to (attempt to) attach a pic of a pup we rescued a couple of weeks ago on Buck Branch Road.  She is ssssooooo sweet, and is very people-oriented.

We canNOT keep her because (A) we have four dogs and eight cats already, and (B) my dog would eat her.  We need to find her a home ASAP.

Here’s the stats:  She’s 16-18 lbs and will probably be 30 lbs full-grown.  She has short, slick hair, and you can see her markings in the pic.  Except for her coloring, she looks just like our Catahoula Leopard Dog, so she is definitely a hound mix.

Please give my phone number (804-4408) to anyone who might be interested in meeting her.  Also, please forward this e-mail to your friends, family and co-workers in hopes that one of them will know someone looking for a fantastic companion.  THANKS!

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Found two pups on Brock Road

Terry and I picked up two emaciated puppies on Thurs (Aug 16).  They are both female, about 3 months old.  Except for their weight, dehydration and hundreds of ticks, the vet declared them sound. 

 I can give all kinds of other details about their brains (very smart), their personalities (one is independent, the other is more introspective, but both are excited to be alive), and their physical characteristics (one is 9 lbs, caramel and white;  the other is 11 lbs, solid white with a black ring around her left eye).

 E-mail me, or call me at 804-4408 if you know of someone interested in interviewing these little gals. 

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A few animals in need of homes

I ran into a guy today at the peace and justice center that has a dog he can’t keep. He’s either looking for someone to foster it and he’ll pay expenses or he’ll give it up if it’s a good home. He says the dog is super smart, been on tv for finding it’s way home miles away once. it looks like a mini german shepard. email doug if interested. sounded like a really sweet animal. He just moved here from florida and going through some stuff so had to rent anything he could find quick…no pets allowed there. email:

One of our boarders has a horse looking for a home. eighteen or so and off the track. Was run down when she got here but happy, eating well and getting better. I think she’s giving it away. email me and i’ll put her in touch with you for more info-val at

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Michael Vick and dog fighting

Please take a moment to sign a petition to Nike, asking them to drop their sponsorship of Michael Vick, who was indicted last week on dog fighting charges.  Witnesses say that Vick and his friends not only fought pit bulls, but they also killed the “losers” in horrible ways.  

There is a link here to a short petition asking Nike to drop Michael Vick.  They produce a T-shirt that calls him a “hero for children”, and they produce and sell his line of shoes.  In their favor, they DID just decide not to produce a new line, but they still make money off the old ones.  (click on the Vick link)

Please ask Nike to cut their ties to Michael Vick.  The publicity from the trial will help bring attention to pit fighting, which can only be a good thing, but if Vick loses his endorsements, it will have a bigger impact on the teens who buy his products.

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Homeless dogs

A friend called yesterday to tell me that he was at the Y, and there were two white pit bulls hanging around, “trying to get in the pool” (to drink).  He said the folks at the Y had been chasing them off for several days, but they kept coming back.  He knows I’m involved in pit bull rescue, and thought I could come pick them up.

Many people would have thought, “Oh, no!  More dangerous dogs!”  My first thought was, “More dogs in danger”.  When I see a dog roaming the street, I feel sorry for it, and hope that it finds a good home (or gets back to its home) quickly and safely.  When I see a pit bull roaming the street, I want to stop and snatch it up. 

Why?  Because pit bulls are the most abused dogs on the planet.  It would be very rare for someone to pick up a Collie or a Lab specifically to torture it, breed it for profit, or sell it to some dog-fighter.  Someone who picked up any other dog breed would probably do so for humane reasons.  People who pick up pit bulls usually don’t.

We had two legit pit rescues in Tennessee.  The one in Memphis closed its doors this Spring because, like so many rescues, it depended on the energy and resources of one woman.  When her own dog was diagnosed with cancer, she couldn’t give him the attention he needed and continue to devote time to the rescue.  The rescue in Cookeville is still functioning, but again, it’s one woman and a few foster homes, so its existence hangs on a thread.

I can’t bring home any more dogs.  There is no pit rescue organization that isn’t already over-full.  Pits are popular dogs for all the wrong reasons, so they are bred frequently and often wind up in horrible situations.  Many animal control agencies euthanize them immediately because they know they can’t find loving, responsible homes for “that kind of dog” or because they fear the liability of adopting out “that kind of dog”. 

Thousands of dogs die every day, through starvation, abuse, euthanization…  I can’t save any of them.  I couldn’t save those two white pit bulls.  What I can do is tell my friends to NEVER buy a dog, but to adopt one instead.  I can give money to organizations who actually spend it on the animals, and not on a political agenda.  I can campaign against back-yard breeders who sell pups on the side of the road.  I can volunteer at an animal shelter.  I can write my elected officials and ask them to support legislation against puppy mills and dog fighting. 

If you, too, take a few minutes of your time, you can make a difference in the life of one dog.  If we all did just that much, thousands of dogs would live the way they were intended:  happy, healthy, and loved.

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