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Special Notice from Olivia Cruises about helping Haiti

Dear Valerie,

The terrible disaster that hit Haiti this week has touched all of us. We, as individuals, always come forward at these times to make contributions and offer support. Now we can speak as one voice, joining together to help the people of Haiti.

Olivia is collaborating with the Red Cross in an historic effort to bring the LGBT community’s contributions to Haiti. Because we are now able to donate directly to the Red Cross as a group, our community’s efforts can be identified as such. By giving generously, and in a timely manner, we will be making a statement to the world that will have a profoundly positive impact.

The Red Cross is instrumental in the early response efforts critical to the survival of so many. Please click here and donate what you can to aid the people of Haiti. We know many of you have already contributed, but please consider an additional donation, in any amount, to this fund. Even ten dollars will make a big difference; Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and much of its capital city, Port-au-Prince, has been utterly destroyed by this disaster.

Olivia pledges to match the first $7,500 raised through this email. As an added incentive, the first five individuals who donate $7,500 or more will receive an Olivia trip for two. Those five people will each receive a balcony stateroom (category BA) for two on our Caribbean Sun Cruise (October 30-November 6, 2010). Because the staterooms will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, you must contact me directly before you contribute, so that I can confirm that the allotment has not been filled. Please also note that in order to be eligible, you must contribute the funds directly through this link.

Thank you in advance for participating in this effort to help the people of Haiti. We strongly urge you to forward this letter to your friends, so they may also donate to the LGBT Americans for Earthquake Relief in Haiti fund.

Even if you can’t donate today, will you help us get the word out widely about this new initiative by sending this note to your friends and asking them to pass it on to their friends? It is our intention to generate a groundswell of support for Haiti within the LGBT community.

If you’d like to read more about this historic partnership between Olivia and the Red Cross, click here.

We know that our community is always the first to give when there is a major disaster. Now we can make the statement together.

Much love and thanks,

Judy Dlugacz
for the entire Olivia staff 434 brannan st., san francisco ca 94107 (800) 631-6277

© Copyright 2010. The Olivia Companies, LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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CES: Final post on Vegas

We’re back home and back to crappy internet. I hope Obama addresses the problem of high speed internet access for rural areas. I have both satellite and an AT&T and still I have problems with down times. It’s cold here don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Anyway…here’s a brief synopsis of CES and what I saw…I wrote this in the plane on the way home:

Monday 6:30p
This is my last post from CES so I wanted to give a run down of what I saw in changing technology. Hang on to your wallets because there’s a lot of cool new toys coming soon if not out already. Here’s a brief look at some of what I found.

The biggest new stuff had to do with HD and HD 3D. Flat panels are getting skinnier (one was 1/3″ thick) and some are more decorative-colorful frames. The color and resolution is just better and better although by far for me was Panasonic’s new 60″ coming out in June and Sony’s OLED whenever that is out in something bigger and less pricey. They wouldn’t say when or how much it would be. Sony had the OLED on display which is supposed to eliminate the backlight and create far more vivid contrasts. the o stands for organic and it emits it’s own light. no more back light needed.

For home systems it’s blu-ray and internet ready so you can download your favorite netflix movie and watch it right away.

The film world had hoped to deliver more 3d movies to theaters so higher ticket prices could be asked but there’s not enough 3d screens around the country and home theater systems are coming out. We watched some at CES and it is pretty spectacular. Look for sony and panasonic to introduce some systems for your livingroom this year. There’s 30 3D films in production right now. It takes a lot to deliver HD (Huge files) and with 3D they have to deliver 2 complete movie files (one for each eye) Pretty amazing stuff.

Mobile Devices
Smart phones are getting better. Cameras with better resolution (so far up to 8megs) Text and send photos is now possible without having to send them via email. Storage is getting much bigger (I saw one with 16gig in it) So you can shoot video and send it to youtube all you want.

Clothing & Accessories
It seemed like everything I looked at had a dock or a port for the ipod. I even tried on sunglasses that that worked wirelessly (bluetooth) to cell phones and mp3 players. little ear buds on the ends of the eyeglass part that fits over your ears. Earbud attachments were in for the kids. Personalize you earphones will peace signs, lady bugs etc. They snap on & off earphone piece. I even saw a pillow that was bluetooth capable with built in speakers and a mic.

Coats, backpacks, shoulder slings for laptops, iphones and ipods. Places to pack them, charge then play them. I even saw one that would make Lara Croft smile. It was so bad ass and self respecting butch would be proud to wear it.

Sony had a bracelet that you wear and it controls devices wirelessly.

Film/ Movies
30 3D movies are currently in production.

Wii is big with lots of new accessories including a rifle with sites and instruments for your virtual rock band. I saw a violin, a sax and a new electric that’s bigger and more realistic.
3D is big here as well and we tried out one system that was really far out. You turn your head with the glasses on and everywhere you look you can see. It’s a virtual world complete with blue sky and everything. The graphics are great and crystal clear.

These at least in the home seem to be making the move to the television. Some TV’s are coming out with full internet included and a nifty gadget I saw was a USB transmitter you plug in your laptop and the receiver plugs into the TV. Now you can watch the football game and check the stats online all on the TV. (Your computer is now on the TV and you just resize the window however you like. I can see us all just pointing our smart phones at the screen in the future…no more laptop…

Automotive Devices
The big leap here is to bring everything tech in our homes with us on the road. Dashboards with ipod docks, satellite radio, usb charging stations etc.
TV & internet is the next thing for you lesbian moms with the teenagers in the back seat. Mobile TV is expanding to accommodate. If you’re in a city and lucky enough to have wi-max then bingo you’ll be all set to go with your new smart car.

The most megs I saw was a sony still camera. It made one of the best of show and has 24megs. I don’t think you can buy it yet. Cannon had some cool HD cameras that shoot to flash memory cards that you pull out and stick in your computer or TV to watch. Bye bye tape…They were small but the video is excellent and they also have stabilizing technology to eliminate the shakycam.
My favorite camera was the scuba mask with the built in video camera. It’s going to sell for like $100 and has optional LED lights. They have one for snorkeling, one for diving and a commercial one for deep diving.

Green Technology
Lots of solar and windpower chargers at the show. Power strips that cut off phantom power when you leave a room with one switch. Recycled products made from other plastic products. One device you connect to the main box in the house to prevent over surges (and charges) for the electric company. Better batteries with longer life.

Future world
Robot technology may be advancing but what I saw seemed pretty basic. I did read that a car that converts to an airplane will be available within a year for approx. $100,000
There is already a car that is also a submersible. Still waiting for my jetpack.

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CES: Day 2 Audio from Sony Booth about Blueray

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CES: Day 1

Thursday 5p.
There where tons of new innovative product launches such as Palm’s new Pre and webOS, LG’s wireless wristwatch phone with video chat and text messaging capabilities, NETGEAR’s Internet TV player and Panasonic’s world’s thinnest plasma TV. We spent today mostly looking at TV’s and Home Theater systems.

One interesting thing we came across was the Flat Wire. It’s almost as wide as duct tape and a bit thinner. It’s a conductive metal and you put it right on top of your drywall, mud and paint over it and it is your speaker wire, tv wire etc. No more fishing wires out of the walls…no more throw rugs to cover wires.

Streaming video and being able to download Netflix movies directly to your TV or bluetooth dvd player was another big showcase item. We watched some HD movies on 1080dpi sets and the resolution was wonderful. It’s got to be uncompressed to be that clear.

One such device is XstreamHD It not only delivers 1080dpi HD movies but it stores them too. It can stream multiple programs to different sets and has 3 tuners in it to catch survivor, the news and the L-Word all at the same time. (That is if they all are on at the same time…

Ok now this is the car for those completely addicted to their computers. It’s got wi-max capabilities so that means if your city offers free wimax internet (there’s a few that do) then you have internet in this car. You also can watch TV, plug in all your devices into the dash and generally do everything you do know in front of your desktop now. Late me make myself clear here…I DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE ON THE SAME ROAD YOU ARE ON IN THIS CAR!!!

3D TV at home is another biggie this year and we enjoyed sitting down and watching it a lot…my feet were killing me. TDVision Systems was one company we looked at and they are more on the software end of things. They are designing for dual core intel processors so I’m guessing they will be Mac compatible. You can learn more at their website.

another 3D company was TDVision Systems inc. This seemed more geared for the consumer. They offer two systems (cheaper/less resolution and more expensive/better picture) There’s a website to buy 3D movies that I didn’t know about too. It’s called the dejaview marketplace. These guys claim to have eliminated motion sickness and queasiness some have experienced with other 3D. Pure game no puke. Cool slogan 🙂


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Avalon Farmblog goes to CES… Lesbian Geeks Unite!

Dear friends & listeners,
Your friendly lesbian geek is attending the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas this weekend.

I will be blogging throughout and invite you to check out avalon farmblog for pictures, neat gizmos and gadgets and previews of what’s on the horizon in the latest technology. Post on the blog or email me if you want me to check out a particular product. If I can find the booth I’ll take your question right to the source. (There is 1.7 million square feet of exhibit hall space so i’ll do my best.)

Question: Do you remember your first computer? I do… it was made by texas instruments and it had no hard drive. no graphics either…just text. it used c basic. there was a cassette recorder that plugged into it and stored info on tape. My favorite game: pong
When pictures & graphics first appeared on the internet they appeared on my screen only as question marks.
Later…my first web browser was mosaic

peace & love,


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Here’s a good place to buy a few holiday gifts

In Other Words Women’s Books and Resources in Portland, OR is the last surviving non-profit feminist bookstore in the United States.

In Other Words is more than a bookstore and is a hub of activity—hosting a wide range of community events, meetings and workshops that include author readings, Spanish classes, writing workshops, concerts, art shows, yoga and much more.

Dear friends,

In Other Words, like so many of our fellow bookstores, has fallen
upon incredibly hard financial times. With the decline in our current
economy, we have experienced severely decreased revenue. If we are
unable to raise $11,000 by the end of December, In Other Words will
have to close its doors.

We desperately need your help. We are confident that if everyone who
cares about In Other Words makes a contribution, large or small, we
will meet our goal. Please give as generously as you can to save the
last remaining non-profit, feminist bookstore in the country: the
place where so many Portland artists, activists, organizers, readers,
writers, political thinkers, musicians and poets find their voice,
their power, their community, and their political home.

Our community cannot afford to lose In Other Words, please help us
save her!

You can make your tax-deductible donations on the In Other Words
secure website, or by stopping into the store (8 NE Killingsworth).

Please forward this widely to your community, we need all the help we
can get!

The Board, Staff and Volunteers of In Other Words

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Marketing to lesbians

Subaru figured it out awhile ago. Lesbians have money to spend and no one’s advertising to them specifically. When I watched an old episode of L-Word recently Dana (our favorite tennis star next to Martina) mentioned them. I’m sure they paid for a mention in the hottest lesbian soap opera.
Check out this article I found on lesbians and their spending habits. Seems we have a sizable chunk of the almost $800 BILLION DOLLARS that the GLBT Community has to spend…
P.S. Get a hint advertisers: If you think you’re reaching us by putting a couple of gay guys in your ad think again…We want strong women…Lesbians…lesbian couples…lesbians with kids…in your ads.

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Buy local, Buy organics

To order call or email

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Gay Real Estate Agent Directory

Market to the Gay Friendly Real Estate Community-One of the fastest growing market today.

One of real estates fastest growing market segments today is our gay family communities. They are highly successful and very influential members of our American society. They have the means and the need to purchase homes in some of the wealthiest communities. If you are a gay or gay friendly real estate agent or broker we would like to invite you to become a part of our community. Our future gay homeowners would like view you website listings and possibly find their special dream home. To share your professional services with our visitors all you need to do is to go to this address and choose the agent and broker signup choice at the bottom of the page. This will take you to our submit page where you will receive instructions on becoming part of our marketing community. We are the #1 Gay Real Estate Directory on Yahoo . We are also on the first page of Yahoo for Gay Real Estate Listings as well real estate listings . We are also on the 2nd page of Yahoo under Gay Real Estate Agents real estate agents As you can see we are working very hard to provide the Gay community with a unique gateway access to some of the Top Real Estate Professionals and Brokers in the country. We want them to feel comfortable that our real estate professionals understand their life style and will be focused on their specific needs and goals in finding their next dream home. The Gay Real Estate Directory, serving our community with PRIDE.


Dennis Brando, PA
VIP Realty
2210 Vanderbilt Beach Road Suite 1100
Naples, Florida 34109
Phone: 800-227-9643 ext. 211
Cell: 239-777-2428
Located in Southwest Florida, Naples is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Everglades to the South. Voted one of the best places in the world to live, Naples is also home to world-class entertainment, championship golf and beaches that can’t be beat. Dennis Brando is a top producing agent in Naples. Dennis captivates customers with his friendly nature, enthusiasm for his work and his wholehearted love of his community. Dennis is active with The Humane Society in Naples and has been honored with The Random Acts of Kindness award for his Community Involvement. He was recently recognized as a member of the President’s Club for his achievements in Sales and Listings. Dennis is a seasoned professional with complete commitment to his clients.

Submitting your site to online highly ranked directories is a very beneficial way to drive targeted traffic to your website. People will find your listing in a directory and click on the link and go directly to your site. This not only brings visitors to your website, but it also creates links for search engine “spiders” or “robots” to find your website and index your pages within their results. If your site doesn’t have a link pointing to it on the World Wide Web the search engines will never find it and you will never see any traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN or any of the other major search engines.
Gay Real Estate Directory does all of this for you.
Visit us at for more information.

For an annual fee of $80.00, (US Funds) you can have an advertising link for 2 different cities (more if desired) and all the advertising exposure that goes with it. We not only list your e-mails, telephone and cell numbers and addresses, we create a direct link to the home page of your personal web site. Even if you don’t have a web site, this will give you internet exposure on the World Wide Web. We also list your personal info and incorporate your picture into our layout. You can enter our site at To sign up, just use the attached link we have provided.

Gay Real Estate Agent Directory
5246 Holmes Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

We respect your Online Privacy. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. To remove yourself from this mailing list, point your browser
Reply to this message with the word “remove and what state you are from” in the subject line.


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Landscape Design & Lawn Maintenance

Caretaking for the Earth the way Mother Nature Intended
Call Delores at 615-415-8860
(Nashville Area)

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