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Randi Rhodes: Melissa Etheridge defends Rick Warren

While I am partying at the world’s biggest geek fest I know other things are still happening out there in the world. Heard this last night listening to my favorite talkshow host Randi Rhodes. Thought you might be interested in this interview. Has Warren turned over a new leaf? I don’t know. Melissa (and Randi) seem willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. What do you think?

Here’s a link to melissa’s post over at Huffington Post. She is reading the comments over there so write one and tell her your thoughts. Anyone can post over there. Of course I would love to hear from you too right here…

peace & love,


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Holly Near & Emma’s Revolution “I Ain’t Afraid”

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Melissa talks Prop 8 on The View

Gay Marriage & California’s Prop 8 was the topic when The View’s conservative host Elizabeth Hasselbeck received a measured but challenging response from Melissa Ethridge regarding comments she made on an earlier show. Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Melissa reminded her (and the audience) that the rights of the minority should be protected from the majority.

I wish there was more time to talk about the issue but if snippets is what we get…it was a great snippet Melissa. You made the point well. Think back to the 1960’s…Can you imagine for one minute if instead of President Johnson signing the civil rights bill into law…they just let the people vote on it?

Melissa is right on the issue and right to go back to Jefferson to prove the point. This country’s founders knew what we might do to each other and sought ways to protect us from ourselves.

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Thank you Doris she’s beautiful!

I got this note over on myspace from an artist friend Doris Wood. Isn’t she great? Go check out her other work here. Oh by the way…her artwork IS for sale ūüėČ Emily and I have one her horse drawings in our livingroom.


hearing you sing Janis has not left my mind. It actually inspired me to do this new portrait of her. please check myspace to see this new drawing I love it just did it today I hope you enjoy it

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P-Town update

Hi everyone!
I’m getting your emails…just can’t send any out so will have to wait until we get home to reply. Women’s Week was great. We crammed a lot into 2 days and had a blast. Suzanne Westonhoffer had us peeing in our pants she was so funny.

suzanne Westonhoffer

Thanks to all who are helping at the farm while we’re gone! I so appreciate you and thank you. I know it’s not easy with the drought. Hope everything is going well.

I interviewed several performers for next week’s podcast so be sure and tune in to avalonfarmcast for that.
Alex Olsen was great and even talked to our daughter Jennifer during the interview. Jen was so upset to miss her favorite slam poet. She’s a huge fan. I’m sure alex’s call was a highlight to her day.

alex Olsen

We stayed at the Bayberry Inn and it was really nice. Fireplace in the room, 2 lesbian Innkeepers that were very sweet and great antiques throughout the place. It was within walking distance to everything and the weather was warm an sunny most of the time.

jennie mcnulty

another funny comic was Jennie McNultyout of L.A. She’s been to entertain the troops overseas and shared some of her thoughts about the war and our GI’s in my interview with her. She was really good and so nice to share time with me for the podcast. If she’s on tour and in your area don’t miss her act…great show!

chris williamson ptown

Chris Williamson was great and sang songs from her new CD. It is a reflective piece of work with influences from her Western upbringing. She told stories of growing up in the Rockies and horseback riding with her Dad in to the backwoods. It was the second time this year we got to catch her show as we saw her in Michigan Festival this summer. Bitch stopped in to see her too and I had a chance to say hello to her. Her act at MichFest with Farron was my “michigan moment” so I was happy to be able to tell her how wonderful that was.

julie clark

Someone new to me was Julie Clark. This singer is a Kerrville Folk festival winner and really good. It’s folk-pop music and she’s such a strong & sweet woman. She’s struggled in her life with a weight problem and is half her weight that she was when she was younger. Anyone who has found the strength to make changes like that in their lives has my respect and her music is inspiring. I have some to share on my podcast next week and a great interview with her too.

KISS is the kickass independent songwriters showcase and they put on shows all week in ptown. We caught one of them that featured 3 writers. The picture feature KISS president Susan Souza and Julie Clark’s Bass player who lent his bass playing for the KISS artists. KISS is located in the Baltimore area and plans to promote women songwriters in several upcoming events.

That’s all the news for now. She ya soon!
peace and love,
val & emily

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Local Artist Doris Wood

Emily and I have one of Doris’s originals hanging in our living room at the farm. We are blown away by the talent she has. Thankfully for me she chooses horses sometimes as her subjects. check out her site on my space.
Doris Wood
I have been drawing portraits since I was a kid. I work on commissions to produce the most beautiful, spirited life like portiats I can. I like to capture the spirit of my subject human or animal and even that special home you love. I would like to meet other artist or artist lovers. My goal is to network with the possiblities of attracting work for myself as an artist. If you have been looking for an artist to capture that special Portrait then hopefully you will have to look no further. I do not work in wet mediums except when I paint murals. I work in Graphite, Pastels and Colored Pencils. Contact me for more information on prices all I need is a very good photo which will be returned you can save as a TIff format. Prints are available on all displayed art images. Images are original to the artist all work is copyright protected 2007

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Melissa’s Album THE AWAKENING is out!

I just bought my copy at Outloud Books and can’t wait to listen to it.
melissa ethridge album
Randi Rhodes has been talking about it on her show for weeks and put some of the lyrics up on her site.
Melissa thanks Randi in the album notes and is a big fan of her too. Strong powerful women! LOVE IT!
Anyway, go get your copy, find some time to yourself, sit down and listen and be inspired…then go out there and do something to make this world a better place.
peace & love,

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