Adorable Puppies looking for that perfect home

Here’s the description of these cute little guys…They are both males and 7 wks old (per my vet) and look to be pure Pyrenees (they can have markings when young that fade) or a Pyrenees cross. They have had their 1st puppy shot on March 8, wormed withStrongid on March 11, had a Sentinel tablet (for worms and fleas) and have Frontline Plus on them.. I am just a “flea freak” and hate fleas—-the pups did not have fleas—we don’t want fleas!! They are SMART!!! Come when called, “get back” when told to and now, I go to the horse trailer and they get up in it by themselves. I put them in the 4 horse trailer when I go to work so they will be safe. I just love them. I do not need them but would love to keep them. But if I can get a good stable home for them, I will let them go. You can comment here or drop an email to and I’ll pass it along to the owner. She’s love to find a forever home for them…is that you?


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  1. Oh. My. GAWD! If I had a bigger house and a bigger yard…I’d have two more dogs 🙂 They are a couple of cutie-pies! Good luck!

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