Sat NEM: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Protest & Memorial

I will be adding to this post later so be sure and check back. Emily & I arrived at the Congressional Cemetery minutes before Cleve Jones did and got a few picture of both him and Army Lt. Dan Choi. They were all very sweet to pose for a picture. The others I’m not sure who everyone is so if you do and have time to comment or drop me an email so I can post names that’d be great.

Leonard Matlovich was the first to volunteer to fight the military’s ban on gays. Here’s is his grave where after the memorial service they were laying a wreath.




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2 responses to “Sat NEM: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Protest & Memorial

  1. #1: Matthew, Dan Choi’s better half, is on the right.

    #4: That’s Alex Nicholson (Executive Director for Servicemembers United; discharged in 2002) on the left in blue. Choi in the middle. Cpt. Mike Rankin, MD (Retired in 1988; fascinating speech from him here: ) on the right.

    #5 and #6: Michael Bedwell, friend of Leonard Matlovich and host of the memorial.

    #7 is Frank Kameny (was called the Dean of the LGBT Movement by one speaker; fired from Civil Service Commission in 1957)

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