Stay here for LIVE blogging from The National Equality March!

Beginning at 4p (central) friday, I will be blogging live via to this site. Keep checking back for video, photos & thoughts from Washington DC as thousands of GLBT folks and friends converge on Washington for the National Equality March. Emily and I are flying up there tomorrow morning and will do our best to capture as much of it for you as it is possible for two old lesbians to do. (Just kidding of course)

me & emily

Our bags are packed and cameras, computer and everything else is ready…all we need now is you! Keep checking back here over the weekend as I will be uploading youtube videos and photos and hopefully a few interviews too. I’m sure there will be interesting people willing to talk to a few dykes like us from the farm. For those who know her…Emily will be sure to get a conversation going and some good laughs along the way.

Seriously though…there’s a lot at stake in this country and we just didn’t want to miss the chance to be a part of this historic march. Thanks go out to all the hard workers that have been organizing this event. Behind the scenes there has been tons of it. To our lawmakers and our President…I’m glad most of you will be staying in town for the weekend because of healthcare…I hope you look out your windows. I hope you open your doors to many that have a lot to say. Thank you Mr President for speaking to everyone Saturday night at the HRC dinner…you know you’re more than welcome to come down to the rally too. I hope you remember what you promised during your campaign. So many of us worked tirelessly for you to win the election because we believed in the change you promised. We’re still waiting to see it. As Jon Stewart said, “If your plate is full then get a bigger plate…YOU’RE THE PRESIDENT!”

So until we get our bags unpacked…this is your friendly “iqreporter” from AVALON FARMBLOG saying goodnight and good luck…oh wait that’s already been used…I’ll think of something else to use on the plane…

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One response to “Stay here for LIVE blogging from The National Equality March!

  1. Anthony

    I thought I would never see this day, at least, not in my time and I am so excited and privleged to be part of it. I will be in Washington on Sunday with the rest of the Staten Island, New York marchers.

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