Beautiful Thoroughbred w/ White Line disease needs home ASAP!



“Caritas is a 2005, 15′2+ hand Thoroughbred gelding. He is very stout and has alot of growing left to do. He does have feet issues and he is being treated for white line disease at the moment. His feet currently do not bother him but he will always need special care and special shoes in order for his feet to stay good. He has been hand walking for 60 days now. He is very nice to be around. His groom calls him a big teddy bear. His legs are clean they had just put bandages on hims our contact arrived to take photos. The bandages are just for protection in his stall.

He needs a home ASAP or there is talk of euthansia. His vet was there and said there should be no problem with him transitioning to the show world with proper foot care. We do not like to give away horses so we want a donation to a Thoroughbred rescue group and proof that you can offer him a great home. He is listed on our BARGAIN BARN page as well.”

I desperately wish I could take this horse, but without my own farm and I financially cannot. I firmly believe he could heal completely with barefoot trimming and a loving new owner. But he needs a home TODAY! If you or someone you know could take him in, please pass this along to them. This is too fabulous a horse to be put down over something we all know can be fixed. I apologize for sending out a mass email, but this is the only way I know to get this information out quickly. I’ve attached a picture of this gorgeous gelding.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Wood at Bits and Bytes Farm in Canton, Georgia. 770-704-6595


Amy Buchanan


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