Off Our Backs Feminist News Journal

From Maize….
With enormous sympathy to Carol Anne Douglas, Mandy’s family and friends and everyone at the off our backs collective, I forward this announcement of the death of Mandy Doolittle.

From Carolyn Gage:
I just received word this morning some tragic news… that Carol Anne
Douglas, longtime collective member with off our backs feminist newsjournal
lost her life partner Mandy Doolittle yesterday in the DC Metro subway crash.
She didn’t find out until 10 PM last night.
I just spoke with her on the phone and she is, of course, in shock, but
she did say that she would very much like to read emails of support. She
asked me to forward them.
So, please, even if you did not know Carol Anne, but if you had and have
an appreciation of her decades of unpaid work for off our backs, please
consider sending along that appreciation. I think she has no idea how many
women know her work and care about her. Please pass this along to feminists who
might want to email… Send to


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