Sharing lives together


This photo was taken of Emily & I on an Olivia Cruise to Guatemala & Belize a few years ago.

I spend a lot of time on this site, facebook & twitter not only catching up with friends and family but protesting things I see happening in the world as unjust, unfair or unhealthy. It’s a release sometimes, a place to unleash creative expressions and sometimes just a place to unload frustrations.

My online community is important to me and has enriched my life via emails, comments to blog posts etc. This year I have reconnected with a lot of family members and friends with facebook. I used to hear what some of them were doing via my Mom who is a letter writer and who kept up with everyone. Now I just open facebook and see if they posted anything today. The last conversation with Mom, I told her what a few of them were up to.

I’m doing a lot of gardening now as it is the planting season. I like gardening because in addition to the physical exercise it doesn’t require a lot of thinking to do. I can think about a lot of other stuff while I’m doing it. I’m thinking how fortunate I am to have so many great people in my life. Other than a few aches & pains and some magnificent hot flashes, I have good health. My partner is not only someone that I love, she’s someone that I truly like & admire. She’s my best friend. Our kid is grown and turning into a really cool young woman.

I don’t know if we can fix things in the world with this internet thing but you know what? A glimpse into all of your day to day lives…a hint of connection between all of us in this way…it’s bringing people together…it’s bringing us together. Peace to you and yours. Now go post something so I can read what’s on your mind.

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